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storage unit size guide
September 17, 2022

Self Storage Unit Size Guide

Need a storage unit size guide to decipher the amount of storage space you should rent? All Storage makes it easy by laying out what each of our size categories can handle. Whether you are searching for small seasonal storage or a large long-term rental, we have solutions for every storage need in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Get started by renting with All Storage today!

storage unit size guide

Self Storage Unit Size Guide

As you browse through the available storage units on our website, you will see them labeled as “small, medium, and large.” The storage unit size guide below walks through the size restrictions and common uses for our different storage units at All Storage.

Small Storage Units

These small storage units can be compared to the size of a walk-in closet. They’re perfect for storing seasonal items during their off-seasons to keep from cluttering your home storage. Save your primary space for the items you use day to day. Small storage units are affordable and versatile—able to hold approximately one room’s worth of items. You always want to make sure you check measurements of items before attempting to store in smaller-sized storage units. For example, a queen size mattress will not comfortably fit into our small sizes, and you will need to size up.

Medium Storage Units

Our medium storage units have far fewer sizing restrictions. With the ability to hold 2-3 rooms’ contents, these pose as excellent long-term storage options. Start storing in our medium storage units, and you will have the space to swap and add items as needed as time goes on. Free up space in your shed or garage by packing old tools and toys away in storage until they are needed.

Large Storage Units

Are you taking on a large moving or remodeling project soon? All Storage’s large storage units have the room you need to keep your items organized. Keep furniture and belongings secure, and stash away supplies and equipment that you do not immediately need to use. All Storage can help with residential and commercial storage units. If you are a business owner looking for additional storage space near your work place, self storage can be your solution. Talk to our storage experts about the best type of self storage to support your needs.

All Storage in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Still not sure what storage unit size you need? Our online storage calculator is a handy tool that can give you a quick sizing estimate. Just enter the items you want to store, and it will suggest a storage unit size to best handle the load. You can also consult our staff members for assistance when renting your storage. Choose from indoor and outdoor storage units to protect your belongings. Our temperature-controlled storage provides the type of damage prevention your Texas items require when storing through hot summers and fluctuating seasons. Browse the self storage units we have available on our website to get set up with your new space. Rent or reserve today!

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