Account Creation Instructions

In order to improve your experience, All Storage has implemented a new online payment system.  You will have to set up a new online account. After you click the button to make a payment, click the link to register your account.

Fill out the required information including typing in the Verification Code and hit Submit.

Click to go back to the login screen.

Enter your email address and the password you just created and hit Login.

Click to Add Your Units.

Select your location from the dropdown menu. Enter your unit number and your gate code and hit Submit.   Please note that your unit number will include any leading zeros.  For example, if you’re in unit 11, you will need to enter 0011.  If you have more than one unit, follow this same process to add additional units.

From the drop down menu, select which action you’d like to perform and hit Go.

This is an example of the payment screen.

If you do not know your gate code, or have any other difficulties, please call your location and our employees will be happy to help you setup your account.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for choosing All Storage.