10 Crazy Stories From Self Storage Managers

All Storage Online | March 6, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

On an ordinary day, working at a storage facility mostly just involves leasing storage units to new customers, helping existing tenants, answering phones, doing paperwork and monitoring the property. But let’s just say there are a lot of less than ordinary days in the life of a self storage manager.


All Storage surveyed employees at a number of locations to learn about some of the strange, spooky and at times downright gross things that happen at storage facilities. Managers mentioned abandoned human ashes, a perplexing amount of naked individuals and way too much excrement.


Here are 10 of the craziest stories of things that really happened at storage facilities, as told by the employees who experienced them:


Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.


The Blu-Ray Hoarder


“Four years ago, we had an auction unit that was bought for $5, because the elderly guy thought his granddaughter would like the giant, talking adult-sized teddy bear. They were cleaning it out that afternoon and found it also had two cases of portable blu-ray players, like 15 in total, all still in their factory wrapping.”


A Knight’s Tale


“I was cleaning a unit at and found a giant axe like you would get a renaissance festival.”


Way Past Its Expiration Date


“I had someone rent a unit and then abandon it. We cut the lock at 36 days and the only thing in the unit was a roll of ground beef just rotting.”


This Week on Breaking Bad…


“The craziest thing I had direct interaction with was a trailer. The guy’s brother-in-law had to come move his trailer into the correct spot. I personally backed the guy into the spot. About a week or so later DEA came and seized the trailer. Loaded with drugs apparently.”


So. Much. Blood.


“What about the unit that smelled like something dead and had red blood leaking out? We cut the lock and there was a chest freezer at the front that was leaking blood. The smell was so bad we had to cover our faces. I refused to open it. One of the guys opened it and when he did we all took off running due to the smell. The tenant had left all of their meat in the freezer!”


The Entrepreneur


“I had a tenant that was always in after hours and I’d find condom wrappers and food stuff outside unit. When they finally moved out, I had to abandon the unit because of all the trash left, which included a pair of pants and underwear (like they were taken off while standing and left like that), a dirty mattress on the floor, needles and other paraphernalia. I also found a notebook that included the pricing for different “services” the lady would provide.”   




“I was getting filters from the back room when something caught my eye as it moved between the boxes. I backed up, moved one stack and found a snake. Of course I jumped, but then went into think mode of how I was going to get this snake outside. I was able to sweep it into a trash can and was contemplating taking it home, but as I drove to exit the property, it kept slithering up the side of the trash can and all I could think is, this thing is going to get out while I’m driving and I’m going to crash and die. So I stopped on the other side of the exit gate and dumped it into the ditch.”


Who’s Afraid of Spiders?


“I had a really big guy working for me, and one day he was sweeping the halls. I received a frantic phone call from him to come back to the building and bring bug/spider spray. I got back into the building and found him holding a broom like a sword and staring at the floor. There was a wolf spider the size of my hand, and he was freaking out about it. He wanted me to kill it. As I brought my foot down to stomp on the spider, it moved enough that the front legs were wrapped on the toe of my shoe. I heard the loudest, girliest, screech out of this guy you can imagine. I almost lost my balance from laughing so hard at him. I did get the spider, but his reaction was unforgettable, and almost deafening.”


An Early Thanksgiving


“It was just me in the evening and something on one of the big screens caught my eye— TURKEYS. There had to have been at least 10. I thought, well, I can’t let them roam the property. So I went on the golf cart to try and shoo them away. However, they were not scared at all. In fact one started coming towards me, which I didn’t think would be a big deal until I saw the size of their talons and their beaks. No thanks! I went back to the office, got my car and managed to herd them through a little fence that lead to the creek area. Once the coast was clear, I locked the gate and hurried back to the office.”


A Heartwarming Conclusion


“On my third or fourth time checking the property by myself, I came across a unit that had a cracked door. I got off the cart and lifted the door to see if the tenant had moved out. To my surprise, there were two women inside sleeping on a makeshift bed. The pair had been kicked out of their home for being in a relationship and while they knew they shouldn’t have slept there, they didn’t have anywhere else to go. Years later, I started a friendship with a woman who told me that at her lowest times, she had been homeless and had slept in a storage unit. Turns out, it was her that I had found those many years before. She now has a ministry for the homeless in Fort Worth.”