10 Activities You Can Do at Home with Kids During Quarantine

All Storage Online | April 8, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Coronavirus has sent us all indoors, which means that children who would otherwise be on playgrounds and in classrooms are now at home. Whether you’re out of work or working from home amidst the growing Covid-19 pandemic, having your children there with you is both a joy and a challenge. Your main priority is to keep them healthy, but you also want to keep them entertained and mentally engaged. 

Here are 10 activities that you do at home with kids of all ages. Some of these are learning activities, others are just for fun, and all of them will get your family through this challenging time together.


  1. Reading Together

For smaller children, spend some time reading aloud (P.S. Audio books can also work great for this!). For older kids, dedicate an hour out of each day to reading silently together in the living room. 


  1. Indoor Camping

If your family has got the stuck-at-home blues as a result of having to cancel a vacation, plan an epic camping trip indoors. Pitch a tent in the living room, put up glow stars on the ceiling if you have them, roll out sleeping bags, and make s’mores in the microwave. Here are 10 hours of nature sounds you can play if you really want to go for it.


  1. Cooking Together

Teach your kids a family recipe or bake something sweet together (Tasty has some very fun dessert recipes). This is not only a fun activity with delicious results, it’s also a way to teach kids math skills by asking them to convert measurements such as ounces to cups.


  1. Games

When was the last time you had a board game night? Now is the time to break out some of your favorites. Alternatively, you can also spread out puzzle pieces on the kitchen table and let everyone work on it on their own time throughout the day.


  1. Learn a New Language

If you’ve been meaning to download Duolingo, this is a great opportunity to learn a new language alongside your children. 


  1. Craft Time

Dedicate part of the day to craft time. If you know how to cross-stitch or knit, teach your kids (some of these activities involving needles may be best for older children). You can also create collages with cutouts from old magazines, spend some time coloring, or create a family scrapbook together.


  1. At Home Workouts

Restless kids will be grateful for a little movement at home. Look for kid-friendly yoga classes online, or put on some music and encourage the little ones to dance out their energy.


  1. Teach Your Kids Organization

Tackle that home organization project with the help of your kids. This is a great way to teach them organization skills and responsibility. If you’re met with resistance, try to turn these projects into a game or offer a reward (pizza night, maybe?) to incentivize them. 


  1. Write Letters

Like you, your children are probably missing their friends and relatives while stuck inside. Help keep them connected—while practicing handwriting—by writing cards and letters together.


  1. Nature Documentaries

As shelter-in-place restrictions drag on and more and more of us find ourselves in quarantine with children, the issue of screen time continues to come up. As a parent, you might feel guilty about plopping your kids in front of tablets and televisions, but as an adult with other obligations, sometimes it’s the only option. Cut yourself some slack and accept that a little more screen time may be the reality for a lot of us right now. You can try to make the most of it by putting on educational programs such as nature documentaries. Kids love these—and adults do too!