11 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Organization Lovers

All Storage Online | December 23, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Stocking stuffers, sweaters, and boxes of chocolate are great, but for the more practical-minded folks in your life, there’s no better gift than the gift of organization. Whether you’re dealing with an actual professional organizer or someone who just spends a lot of time on Pinterest, the best last minute gift is one that will make someone’s life less cluttered. 

From office gifts that lead to a clean desk space to decorative items that help wrangle the chaos of life at home, these items will make that organized person in your life smile. Best of all, these presents are easy to track down last minute.


Desk organizer

With more and more people working from home, it’s a great time to give gifts that create a comfortable, organized space in every kind of office. Think about it: Someone who has an organized workspace at an office might not have one at home (yet). Giving them a nice desk organizer is the perfect way to remedy that.


Planner for 2021

It’s hard to believe it’s almost a new year. For your organized friend who is about to be caught off guard by the change of calendar in a major way, give the gift of a really great planner. Many organized people prefer a physical planner to a digital one. A stylish, portable planner can make all the difference.


Jewelry organizer

If you want to give a gift that’s useful and beautiful, give a jewelry organizer that prevents necklaces from tangling, keeps earrings all in one place, and also serves as an attractive piece of decor on a dresser.


Makeup organizer

A makeup organizer is another affordable, easy-to-find gift that also happens to be a total game-changer for anyone who is looking to keep a bunch of loose items together. Makeup lovers are especially into clear acrylic options and ones that rotate.  


Wall planner

Do you know a family who could benefit from having everyone’s schedule all in one place? A wall planner is the ideal gift for households with a lot going on. Check out this customizable option that comes with optional cork boards and whiteboards. 


A label maker

What can’t you label? From spices in the cupboard to school supplies in the kids’ rooms, there’s no end to the organizational power that comes with owning a label maker. Grab this item for that crafty friend in your life and watch their face light up when they unwrap it.


Catch all dish

Catch all dishes come in handy all over the house (and they come in some beautiful designs). You can put one on the sink to rest a wedding band in while doing dishes or keep one on a bedside table for gathering loose change. This is an easy gift that just about anyone can benefit from—after all, we all have loose change.


Decorative storage baskets

Similar to the catch all dish, a decorative storage basket has many, many benefits. Decorative storage baskets are great for organizing kids’ toys, dogs’ toys, office supplies, school supplies, books, kitchenware...you name it. These are readily available in all sorts of materials and color schemes. It’s the kind of thing that everyone needs but few people think to actually purchase.


Suitcase organizer

For your organized friend who loves to travel, a suitcase organizer can make that next trip so much easier. 


Under the desk cable manager

These are great for professionals and students—or anyone who has a jumble of cables and cords under their desk (in other words, all of us). An under the desk manager keeps cables from getting tangled. That person on your list who appreciates practical gifts will think of you every time they don’t have to untangle their phone charger from their laptop charger.


Cute paper clips

Functional and fun can exist in the same gift. Want proof? Look no further than the surprisingly vast array of very cute paper clips that exist. We’re especially fond of these flamingo paper clips, but you can find some that you like at an office store near you. 

Happy gifting!