13 Supplies to Stock Up on Before You Move

All Storage Online | December 23, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Like many things in life, moving is much easier when you prepare in advance. Have you ever found yourself halfway through packing up your home only to discover that you’ve run out of boxes? That time spent running to the store for moving supplies—or trying a DIY solution like garbage bags, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t always work—makes the moving process even longer and even more frustrating. 

Avoid the stress by having what you need before you start emptying out your closets. For your convenience, here’s a foolproof list of essentials, most of which can be found at your friendly neighborhood All Storage facility:



If you will be storing items in a storage unit during your move, buying boxes that are all the same size is a great way to maximize space. It’s also a great way to avoid those enormous, way-too-heavy boxes that so many of us have hurt ourselves lifting. 



It’s okay to overestimate when buying clear packing tape. You’re going to need way more than you think and even if you don’t use it all during your move, you can still make good use of it any time you need to mail a package.


Mattress Covers

You sleep on it every night, so show your mattress some love with a mattress cover. This will protect it from dirt, moisture and damage.


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is important for wrapping and protecting fragile items. Think of it as the world’s cheapest insurance policy.



People tend to forget this one, but it’s crucial! You’re definitely going to need scissors when you pack for a move. Whether it’s for cutting bubble wrap and packing paper or opening up boxes after you’ve settled in, scissors are a must.


Packing Kits for Dishes and Glasses

These take the guesswork out of safely moving these delicate but important items. Consider your wedding china in safe hands.


Packing Paper

Like wrapping a Christmas present (but significantly less festive), packing paper protects anything that you don’t want getting scratched during a move.



Labelling is tedious, but if you do it while you pack, future you will be grateful once you’ve arrived at your new place. Don’t waste time with ordinary pens for this task; get a Sharpie marker or something equivalent.


Hand Truck

Moving a lot of heavy items? A hand truck will make it easier and will prevent injury from lifting. These are available in a variety of capacities, so consider the weight of what you’re moving so that you select the right one.



Often used to protect wooden furniture—or anything else that needs cushion—moving blankets are basically just big cotton or polyester quilts (though they’re definitely not as pretty as the one your grandma gave you). In addition to purchasing these, you can also use any thick blankets from around the house, so long as you don’t mind damaging or even destroying them.


Tool Set

Unfortunately, that impossible-to-assemble Ikea dresser isn’t going to disassemble itself. A basic tool kit is key for this.


Cleaning Supplies

You’ll need all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, bleach, rags and sponges for tidying up your old place when you move out. After all, you want that security deposit back, right? You’ll also probably want to give your new place a quick cleaning before you move in.


Small Suitcase

Whether you’re moving long distance or you’re just not in the mood to unpack the second you get to your new home, having a small suitcase or overnight bag full of essentials (toiletries, fresh clothes, cell phone charger, etc.) will provide you with what you need to live your life during the move.