3 Ways to Maximize Your Space in Your Storage Unit

All Storage | April 10, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

You found the perfect storage unit, but now what? You begin to ask yourself, how can I store as many items as possible without creating a cluttered disaster? The use of a storage unit is supposed to decrease your stress, not increase it. No matter what you are storing or where, maximizing your self-storage space is important. By creating some kind of plan of attack and organization, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need later, without having to lift, move or rummage through multiple boxes and containers. After a long day of moving and packing boxes, it may seem tempting to just unload and dump your boxes into your storage unit as quickly possible with no order whatsoever. We get it. However, we also know you will regret it later.

Setting up your storage unit ahead of time will save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration. Imagine three months down the road when you’re getting ready to leave for vacation and you can’t locate your passport and other valuables. The last thing you want before leaving for vacation is anxiety and stress.

Young Man Packing Cardboard Box

Here are three tips to help you maximize your space and get your storage unit organized.

Plan and Make a List of Items You Will Be Storing
Taking inventory of all of your items that you plan on placing in storage is a quick way to assess what you want to keep at home and which items you’d like to place in your storage unit. Once you visually take inventory, start making a list so you don’t forget and leave anything behind. Look at which items can be stacked and clearly mark which items are fragile and cannot have boxes loaded on top of them. Items that do not contain any fragile items can be stacked on the bottom and loaded last into your moving truck so that they can be unloaded first. Planning for loading and unloading is a part of the process of maximizing your space. Other items should be clearly labeled on the boxes, on more than one side.

The next steps are to determine future needs for storing additional items and to prioritize which items will need frequent access. These boxes should be labeled and place in an area where there is easy access.

Place Items Vertically and Create a Pathway
Are you storing chairs? Chairs can be stacked seat to seat to save space. Also, to maintain and protect, cover chair legs with protective wrapping for extra protection. Store large pieces of furniture vertically to save space in the facility. Do the legs come off your table? How about your mattress? Tip it up on its end and place your linens inside any appliances or empty drawers. Get creative and stack lighter boxes on heavier boxes and items, but make sure to clearly label all boxes with the labels facing outwards so they are easily visible.

Create a Map of Your Self Storage Unit
Before you begin loading and unloading your moving truck, make sure you visit your storage unit first. Once you assess and have an idea what it looks like, then you can create a plan. We would even recommend taking photos so once you return home you don’t forget what it looks like.
At this point, you’ve taken your inventory and have a list of items, and perhaps you’ve even packed your boxes. Now it’s time to create a map and space plan. Draw out your storage unity based on the dimensions. Here at All Storage, we will gladly provide the space dimensions of your self-storage unit when you can visit or we can do it over the phone. Take some time to map out where you’d like to place all of your stackable items, where your furniture will be and how it will be stored, and all other items. Make sure to leave a walking path between boxes and items so that you can have future access.

Moving day has arrived. Keep a copy of your map for either yourself or your movers, depending on who is doing the moving. Once you place all items in your storage unit and have maximized the space you do have, returning at a later date will become a breeze and less stressful.

You can thank us now or later.

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