4 Easy Steps to Attack Your Clutter During the Spring Cleaning Season

All Storage | March 10, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

We just survived Daylight Savings Time, which only means one thing: spring is near! As the weather shifts, so do our moods. The days get longer, the sun shines a bit brighter, and we come out of hibernation and ready to start anew. It’s a perfect time of year to empty out those attics, garages, and cluttered closets. There’s no better feeling than a clean, uncluttered home. All Storage offers a variety of packing essentials, from industrial-quality boxes to bubble wrap, to storage units to hide all of your winter belongings.


Once you have gone through your closets, garages, and attics with all sorts of extra items that you currently don’t use or need, where should you store all of those items you ask? Of course you don’t want to stuff them back into a room where you just spent hours cleaning nor do you want to throw them out. Your best option is to rent a storage unit. Renting a storage unit for your spring cleaning needs will help relieve the clutter in your home. All Storage is proud to offer units of all different shapes and sizes to accommodate all of your storage unit needs.

Why is spring the best time for cleaning? It’s quite simple – storage rotation. In many parts of the world, even the country, the seasons are about to change dramatically. This means everything from seasonal wardrobe to seasonal tools such as lawnmowers and gardening tools, will be pulled out of storage. At the same time, you may have a lot of things you’d like to put back into storage: snow blowers, sleds, winter sports gear, holiday decorations, etc.


There are two ways to handle spring cleaning: gradually or all-at-once. Depending on your energy levels and time, the obvious choice would be all-at-once method. However, many of us do not have the luxury of dedicating an entire weekend to spring cleaning. Therefore, we recommend a gradual route.

Here is a week by week planner to help you accomplish your spring cleaning well before you hit the Memorial Day weekend parties:

Week 1: Make a list of rooms you want to tackle this week. Then assign one room(s) for each day of the week and the amount of time you will spend on each. As you tackle each room(s) each day, focus on the stuff you need to get rid of, such as: things you plan on giving away, throw out, store, or recycle. Go through each room at a time, sorting clutter according to these categories. At the end of each day when you are done, end the day by taking the trash bags to your dumpster or packing the trunk of your car or boxes of things to be given away, or recycled. At the end of the week, make a trip to wherever you choose on making the donations and/or giveaways.

Week 2: Next, revisit your closets in your home and empty and clean each one. Put back into the closet only those things you will need for the season. Everything else can be packed up and placed in the trunk of your car. When you’re done combing through your closets, garage, and attic, drive your packed car over to your storage unit and do a rotation: putting out-of-season items back into storage and taking newly in-season items out of storage and into your home.

Week 3: Now comes the fun part. It’s time to de-clutter your home’s living space. Out of all the tasks, this should not be the hard part. Now that you’ve pulled out everything you wanted to get rid of and have clean closets, here are some tips to help with the clutter you may find in your living space:

• Home office clutter: Make a special box for this. At the end of each week, gather all the home office clutter (i.e. receipts, mail, business cards, etc.) and place in a box or three ring binder.

• Children’s Art Work: In the digital age we live in, it’s easy and simple to take digital photos of your children’s art work. Take photos of their great work, frame it, upload to your Facebook profile, or just keep them in a special folder on your desktop. Should you require to keep the original piece, then find a place to hang it on your walls or refrigerator door.

• Make Use of Your Book Shelf: Book shelves can be an organizer’s best friend. They don’t have to be limited to just holding books. Book shelves can also hold files, children’s art supplies, picture frames, craft items, etc. All the extra clutter sitting on your living room coffee table can easily be placed on a book shelf and look artfully organized.

Week 4: You have finally reached the home stretch – the cleaning week! For those of you who don’t like to clean, it won’t be that bad. You’ve already put in the majority of the work. This is the week when you can go through the house doing all of those once-a-year tasks that tend to get put off: washing the drapes, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. Again, if you go back to week one and divide each task by day, it won’t feel as overwhelming. Once you complete the deep clean and de-clutter of your home, you will be ready to enjoy the new season.

All Storage makes it easy and efficient to store away all of last season’s items. In addition to our safe and clean storage units, we offer packing supplies for all of your spring cleaning needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (972) 418-6400.