5 Storage Tips for Boat Owners

All Storage Online | July 16, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, you know what a thrill it can be out on the open water, wind in your hair and blue skies above.

If it’s time to put your boat into self-storage, either for the winter or just temporarily, All Storage self-storage in Garland, TX, has 5 things you should know about storing your boat. These tips will help keep your boat in tip-top shape so you can hit the water again as soon as you’re ready.


Wash Your Boat Well Before Storage   


Just like you probably do every time you come out of the water after a long day on the lake, you should always give your boat a thorough cleaning before putting it into a storage unit.

Any salt or grime left on your boat can eat right through it if left there long enough. Give everyone a rag and some cleaning spray and you’ll be amazed how quickly the boat will be shiny and looking new, ready for storage.


Be Sure the Interior Is Dry

Along those same lines, be sure you dry the interior of your boat before putting it into self-storage.

And when we say get your boat’s interior dry, we mean really dry. Mold and mildew can grow from even the tiniest bit of moisture if left unchecked (especially in humid conditions), so it’s worth the extra time to let your boat dry out before storing it.


Winterize Your Boat    


If you’re planning on storing your boat for a long period of time, more than several weeks, it’s worth it to winterize your boat.

This means draining all water from the tanks, adding a fuel stabilizer, applying corrosion protection to the engine, and adding antifreeze. Again, these small efforts can make huge differences in the condition of your boat when you’re ready to get it from your storage unit in Garland, TX.


Get A Fitted Cover Or Shrink Wrap

Another good idea is to get a fitted boat cover or, if you are storing it for longer, get it professionally shrink-wrapped at a boat shop.

A cover will help keep out any moisture or weather-related issues, and shrink wrapping does the same thing; it just does a better job of it. Shrinkwrapping is really only necessary when you’re storing it for a longer period of time.


Choose the Right Self-Storage Amenities   


Last, be sure to choose the right self-storage in Garland, TX, to store your boat. Decide what amenities you need, and be sure your storage unit provides them.

For some context, All Storage in Garland, TX, provides many options for you to choose from. We have climate-controlled units, as well as 24-hour monitoring to ensure your boat stays safe and secure. We also offer ADA units, roll-up doors, and bright lights so you can always see what you’re doing.

If you’re ready to store your boat, call us today at 972-465-9677 or visit our website to see how selected spaces can receive two months free!