5 Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Storage

All Storage Online | July 22, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If it’s time to put your motorcycle into self-storage, whether for a long time or just short-term, there are a few things to know to make sure it’s in the best shape possible when it comes out.

All Storage’s self-storage in Bedford, TX, provides a perfect place to store your hog when you’re not out on the open road. Below are a few suggestions for things you should know when storing your motorcycle for a few weeks or longer.


Change the Oil  

Hopefully, you’re doing this regularly already, but changing the oil is imperative to keep your bike healthy before you store it.

You don’t want your engine sitting filled with oil that has collected sediments or gunk over time, so be sure to change it just before you put your motorcycle into the storage unit.


Use A Trickle Charger

Second, there’s nothing worse than getting ready to hit the open road and not being able to because your battery has died.

Instead of just leaving your battery inside the bike while it’s in storage, take it out and hook it up to a trickle charger. Not only will this make sure your battery doesn’t leak acid into your motorcycle and do damage, but it also makes sure your battery will stay fully charged so you can ride as soon as you take it out.


Lift It Up If Possible    


Third, if you’re leaving your bike in one of All Storage’s storage units in Bedford, TX, you’ll want to lift the motorcycle up if possible to keep it off its tires.

To avoid flat spots and excessive tire deflation, put your motorcycle on blocks or a jack stand. This will keep the pressure off the tires and give you more time to ride and less time to fill the tires.

Clean It Well

Before putting your bike into storage in Bedford, TX, be sure to give it a good and deep clean.

Any salt, grime, or gunk left on your bike as it sits can cause rust and corrosion. This means you’ll need to give it a good and thorough hand wash before storage, making sure to get every area. By the time you place your motorcycle into self-storage, it should look as good it did on the day you bought it.


Cover It Up    


Lastly, be sure to cover your bike as it sits in the storage unit.

Dust and dirt can come from the air and get on your bike, undoing all the work you put into washing it. Over time, dust and dirt can cause problems for your brakes, engine, and paint, so it’s an easy solution to just keep it covered.

If you’re ready to put your motorcycle into storage in Bedford, TX, call All Storage at 817-330-8564 or visit our website. We have units from extra small to extra large, so no matter what size storage you need, we’ve got it.