6 Best Work from Home Organization Hacks

All Storage Online | August 11, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Work from home? Hybrid work model? In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, 71 percent of employees were still doing remote work in some capacity in late 2020, according to a Pew Research Survey. Of those surveyed, few expressed interest in moving back to the office full-time. 

It’s hard to blame them—work from home life can be pretty sweet. From the comfy sweatpants to the ability to fire off emails while doing a load of laundry, remote employment has its perks. For many employees, however, it also has one major downside: It can be challenging to stay organized. Your personal life—and all of the personal belongings that come with it—bleed into your “office.” Add in roommates or kids and you mind find that your workspace looks more like somebody else’s hangout space. 

Before you throw in the towel and beg to return to the office, try these home organization hacks for working remotely:

Create a Dedicated Workspace (Yes, Even if You Don’t Have an Office)

Working from home—it means you get to work from your bed or your couch, right? 

Ehhh. Not always the best strategy for staying organized. Rule number one of staying tidy and on task while working from home is to choose a dedicated workspace. If you have a spare bedroom, lucky you! That’s now your home office. Treat it like one—you know, with a filing system and everything. If you don’t have an actual room you can use, designate a table or purchase a desk and place it somewhere private. In a pinch, even a walk-in closet can be converted to an office. 

Stock Up on Baskets, Cups, and Containers

Wrangle your pens, papers, and other work supplies with the right tools. Get an organizer for your desk, cups for your pens and pencils, and plastic containers to store documents in your office or in your storage unit. If you have an inventory you have to manage, purchasing shelving will help with that.

Have a Filing System

Digital or physical—it’s up to you. Just as a filing system is a must in every traditional office, it’s essential to creating an organized home office. You can purchase an actual filing cabinet or create a cloud-based system. 

Create a DIY Wall Organizer

Organizing your home office for successfully working from home isn’t just a physical pursuit; it’s also a mental one. Don’t just organize your space; organize your mind. The first step to staying productive is to create a DIY wall organizer using cork board or wine corks. You can even add a whiteboard or a chalkboard. Use this to visualize your schedule, create to-do lists, and stay motivated.

Go Wireless

Banish unsightly tangles of wires by choosing wireless devices. From keyboards to headphones to computer mouses, the wireless possibilities are growing. Investing in a few of these items will reduce clutter in your workspace.

Set Boundaries

When working from home, the line between work and home is a narrow one. Setting boundaries is essential for organization. We’re not talking about knowing when to watch Netflix and when to complete tasks for your boss (although it can help if you’d like to keep your job). We’re talking about the boundaries between your work supplies and your personal belongings. In addition to having a dedicated workspace, it is also helpful to have a dedicated filing cabinet, shelf, closet, or all of the above that’s just for work items. Make it a habit to declutter and clean up often—remove your kids’ toys, your dog’s toys, etc, and keep your work from home office looking like, well, an office. As a result, it’ll feel like one too.