6 Things to Know Before Moving to White Settlement, Texas

All Storage Online | July 24, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

If you’re considering a move to White Settlement, you probably have questions. And luckily, we have answers. How far is it from Fort Worth? 10 miles. How big is it? Mid-sized (17,828 people). What’s the cost of living like? Reasonably affordable. What’s the deal with that name? We’ll get there.


For more answers to all of your burning answers about moving to White Settlement, plus some of the things you haven’t even thought of yet, read on:


It’s Cheaper Than Dallas


As is the case with many suburbs in the Dallas Fort Worth area—or the DFW Metroplex if you’re in the know—White Settlement is cheaper than Dallas. It’s also cheaper than nearby Fort Worth. Located west of Fort Worth, the cost of living works in your favor if you’re looking to buy a home. Houses are definitely cheaper here than in Dallas. Apartment rentals, on the other hand, are not significantly cheaper. If you’re interested in purchasing a home, you’ll find plenty of great ranch style starter homes that are perfect for young families.


Parks and Parks and Parks


More good news for families: White Settlement is a park lover’s dream. The city boasts 23 parks including the popular Saddle Hills Disc Golf Park and a skate park. If you’re looking to cool down with your family and you love lazy rivers and wave pools, you can also check out Splash Dayz Waterpark.


Beware the Lake Worth Monster


White Settlement is located near Lake Worth, a reservoir that’s popular among those who love boating and fishing. Sadly, it’s not a destination for swimmers, but it is a destination for those who like quirky urban legends. According to local lore, Lake Worth is home to a goatlike monster who has been known to jump on cars and terrify lake goers. In other words, he’s Texas’s answer to bigfoot.


About That Name


Yes, people in White Settlement are aware of their town’s controversial name. The history of the name goes back to early settler days. Indian tribes in the area called it White Settlement due to the fact that it was a village made up of white settlers. Efforts to change the name have been shot down by voters.


The White Settlement Library is the Cat’s Meow


In 2016, White Settlement was in the news across the country and around the world for something unexpected: a cat. And not just any cat, a cat by the name of Browser. This feline was brought to the White Settlement library to catch mice in 2010. Afterwards, he decided to stay. He even attended GED classes at the library. Years later, a motion was passed to remove Browser from his home among the books. This sparked local—and national—outrage and ultimately resulted in Browser getting permission to stay forever.  


Visit the Texas Civil War Museum


If you’re a history buff, you’ll love the Texas Civil War Museum. Here, you’ll find a massive collection of Civil War artifacts including flags, Victorian clothing, musical instruments and more. Admission is just $7 for adults and $4 for kids. The museum operates on seasonal hours, so check which days it’s open before going.


Hot Summers, Cool Winters


The northeast isn’t the only part of the country with real seasons. In White Settlement, you’ll find a surprising diversity of weather. In the summer, expect hot, humid days with temperatures in the high 90’s. In the winter, it can get into the mid 30’s—but it rarely gets below freezing. Wind is common in the winter too, as is a little bit of snow (about two inches a year). Rain occurs periodically year round with 79 days of precipitation and 37 inches of rain on average.