6 Ways to Avoid Holiday Clutter in Your Home

All Storage Online | December 18, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

The holidays are here...and so is the clutter that comes with them. Hauling a giant pine tree into your living room and surrounding it with presents can take up some of your space (to put it mildly). So does the Christmas baking, the guests in your home if you have them, and all of those extra gifts that you’re stowing away in random locations around the house.

The holiday season should feel cozy and festive—not cramped and crowded. If your living room is starting to look as chaotic as Santa’s workshop in the days leading up to Christmas, reclaim your space with these holiday decluttering hacks. You’ll feel oh so merry and bright when you settle in to a home filled with lots of holiday lights and zero clutter.


Declutter Before the Holidays are in Full Swing

Professional organizers swear by the one-in, one-out rule. It boils down to this: If you add something to your home, you should take something away. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a permanent thing! 

Before you deck your halls with boughs of holly, declutter your home. Donate or recycle the things you don’t need ever again and put the items you will need after the holidays in a closet or in a storage unit. Store year-round decorations and items that take up space and you’ll have room for all the holiday splendor.


Reassess Your Holiday Decorations

Have you been putting up that homemade advent calendar year after year simply because your aunt made it for you? It’s normal to hang onto holiday decor that’s outdated, broken—or let’s be honest, kind of ugly—simply because it’s sentimental or you’re in the habit of using it year after year. This year, pare down your decorations by getting rid of those that you don’t love.


Give Clutter-Free Gifts

Instead of going all out on lots of little gifts that crowd the space beneath the tree (and the carpet in front of it), opt for Christmas gifts that don’t cause clutter. Gift cards, smaller presents, or even just a commitment to prioritizing holiday experiences with loved ones over material items can all go a long way towards creating a magical Christmas without the clutter.


Don’t Put All Your Gifts Out at Once

Store your gifts in a closet or a storage unit before Christmas (if you go with the latter, check the facility’s holiday hours so you can access your storage unit before the big day). This will help keep your living room clutter free in the weeks leading up the Christmas and will also create a big surprise for your kids on Christmas morning.


Put Opened Presents Away After Opening Them

No, we’re not talking about putting unwrapped Christmas gifts away literally the second you open them. You’re probably going to want to sprawl out and watch The Grinch while enjoying a holiday food coma of hot cocoa and sugar cookies, so make peace with the fact that Christmas Day itself may come with some temporary clutter. You should however, set a date for putting away those unwrapped presents. The day after Christmas is a great day for relaxing and putting away those gifts.


Give Away Unwanted Gifts

Speaking of those gifts, if you received something you don’t want this year, don’t hide it on a shelf. Return it, donate it, store it in a storage unit, or make a plan to regift it (not to the same person who gave it to you of course). After all, you want to start the New Year with a clutter-free home, right? Now, about those New Year’s resolutions...