6 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday During COVID-19

All Storage Online | September 23, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Back in March, those with springtime birthdays lamented celebrating during quarantine. Now that it’s August and COVID-19 is still unfortunately very much a part of day-to-day life in America, it looks like just about everyone is going to have to experience or plan a socially distant birthday.

Fear not, a birthday during COVID-19 does not have to be depressing; in fact, it can and should still very much be a celebration. With a little creativity, it might just be the most memorable birthday yet. Whether you’re planning your own birthday, your child’s birthday, or someone else’s, here are six ways to make it a blast—even if you’re quarantined. 


Netflix marathon

Yes, this is the most obvious choice for a birthday during COVID-19, but it’s a popular option for a reason. Choose a show you’ve been wanting to watch or rewatch, order some takeout or delivery from your favorite local restaurant, and kick back on the couch. If you’re working from home, make it a point to forgo checking email for the day. Just give into the sweet, sweet binge watch.


Theme party at home

If you’ve been wearing sweatpants for several months, birthdays are a great opportunity to mix things up and put yourself in a celebratory mood via a costume party or a dress up night. Pick your favorite theme—tiki party, 80’s party, Hollywood red carpet—and choose a menu, decorations and a dress code to match.


Backyard picnic

Enjoy your backyard, front porch or even just that teeny apartment patio this year for your birthday. Hang up string lights, set out a blanket, and enjoy all of your favorite picnic favorites al fresco. Go fancy with charcuterie or channel camping vibes with hot dogs and s’mores. Stick around for sunset, champagne, and stargazing and even though you’re at home, it just might be the most magical birthday yet. 


Get into nature

Nature and social distancing are a match made in heaven. Look for a nearby state park, national park, nature preserve, or private campground near you (call to confirm that it’s open first) and spend the day—or even an extended RV trip—doing something outdoors. You can go hiking, kayaking, or even take a scenic drive with your family.  


Have friends and family drop off gifts at the door

If you’re planning a birthday party for someone in your household who is bummed because they won’t be able to have a big shindig, brighten their day by having friends and family drop off gifts and cards at the door. The sound of the doorbell ringing and the sight of a friendly face will brighten their day—and the bounty of goodies will be sure to seal the deal. This idea is best for kids, but given we all know a grown-up who is all about their birthday, it can really work for all ages. 


Zoom birthday party

From Zoom happy hours to Zoom work meetings to Zoom weddings (yes, that last one is a real thing!), everything seems to be happening via video conference these days. So why not plan a Zoom birthday? Whether it’s gathering your friends for cocktails, having a dinner party, or having an informal Zoom gathering that a number of invitees can pop in and out of (the Houseparty platform is great for the latter), this virtual option will create a unique birthday gathering that crosses state lines and time zones, all from the comfort of you couch.  


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