7 Reasons to Do a Post-Christmas Decluttering

All Storage Online | December 30, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

The presents are unwrapped, Santa’s milk and cookies have been devoured, and your fireplace is down to its last log. Christmas is over...but the clutter that comes with it is still around. 

The subject of when you should take down your Christmas tree may be hotly debated (surprisingly, the answer is probably January 5 or 6!), but post-holiday decluttering tends to be more open-ended. But wait, you’re stuffed with holiday treats; the last thing you want to do is organize! Yes, it may be hard to motivate yourself to do it, but taking some time after December 25 to do a post-Christmas decluttering can have a seriously positive impact on the year ahead. 

Here are 7 surprisingly convincing reasons to get off the couch and declutter after the holidays are over:


  1. You Can Keep The Holiday Spirit Going by Donating Unwanted Items

Suffering from a case of after Christmas blues? It happens to a lot of us. After a month of parties, feel-good holiday films, shopping, baking, and carolling, what lies ahead is the dark, cold month of January. It’s a bummer. This year, keep the holiday spirit alive by rounding up some unwanted items and donating them to a local homeless shelter or other charity. 


  1. You Can Prevent Unwanted Gifts From Turning Into Clutter

Resist the urge to stash that ugly sweater from your grandmother! Instead of storing unwanted presents in your closet or stuffing  them under your bed, return, recycle, or donate them. Let’s call this proactive decluttering; get rid of that stuff before it crowds your closet.


  1. You Can Identify Outdated Christmas Decor

Before you put away your Christmas decorations, look for things you no longer want. Throw away those broken ornaments! Get rid of that candle that’s almost burnt out! Toss that decorative pillow your cousin spilled wine on! Decluttering Christmas decor is way easier when you can see it laid out before you, so take a stroll around your home and discard unwanted items. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (aka you next year) will be grateful.


  1. It’s a Good Time to Think About Regifting

Regifting is often a taboo topic, but there’s no shame in doing it if you do it right (Read: Regifting an item to someone who isn’t associated with the original gifter.). Seeing some presents under the tree that might be better suited for someone else? Wrap them and label them now and they’ll be ready to go for next year instead of causing clutter in your home forever. 


  1. It’s the Perfect Way to Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution

Want to be more organized next year? Declutter your home now and you’ll already be on your way to starting the new year off on the right foot. It takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit, so why not get started now?


  1. Face It, You’ve Still Got a Few More Months Inside

Winter isn’t over yet. The spring equinox in 2021 isn’t until March 20. If you live somewhere chilly, snowy, dark—or all of the above—you’ve still got at least another two months of mostly being indoors. If you’re going to be hunkered down during at least one more big blizzard, it helps to be in a clutter-free environment. Create a space that’s cozy, not claustrophobic, and the rest of the winter will be easier.


  1. It’s a Great Way to Occupy Time During Your Kids’ Winter Break

Whether you’ve got little ones or college students, their winter break can feel surprisingly long. One way to occupy a day or two? Decluttering. If you get some moans and groans when you initially suggest the idea, here are a few ways to make it fun.


P.S. Looking for a place for Christmas clutter? A storage unit is an affordable solution for your holiday decor, unwanted presents, and anything else that’s taking up space in your home.