7 Storage Tips for UNT Students

All Storage Online | March 12, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

One of the best things about attending college at the University of North Texas is spending your undergraduate years in wonderful Denton. That means great barbecue, live jazz shows, and cheering on North Texas Mean Green. It also means a big change in your living situation. Suddenly, you’re sharing a dorm room or apartment with a roommate (or two, or three, or four…). There’s wayyyy less space for your stuff. And then when you move out for a semester abroad or a summer back with your parents, you’ve got no place to store your stuff at all.

The solution? Rent a storage unit. And while you’re at it, follow our self storage tips for UNT students:


Get the Right Size

If you’ve never rented a storage unit before, all of those different size options can be as confusing as your calculus homework. Fear not; you don’t need to be a math major to find the right size storage unit. Just use this size guide. 

Hint: A 5x5 storage unit is basically like having an extra closet and a 10x10 is like having an extra room (and no, you can’t live in it).


Reserve Your Storage Unit Early

Need a storage unit in Denton this summer? You’re not alone. UNT has one of the largest student bodies in the country, which can result in a lot of people who need summer storage units in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Reserve yours early so you don’t miss out.


Don’t Overpack Your Textbooks

What—you don’t want to bring your textbooks home for a summer of studying? If you’re storing a bunch of books, pack them in several small boxes rather than one large one to avoid heavy lifting. Your back will thank you. 


Get Climate Control for Summer Storage

Living in Denton means lots of humidity. You may be fine with sweating it out this summer, but trust us, your personal belongings would rather stay dry. Electronics, artwork, bicycles, and musical instruments are just a few of the many items that need climate controlled storage. Make sure your storage unit has it this summer. 


Split the Rent

If you’re living on a Ramen noodles and leftover pizza budget, you can save money on self storage by sharing a storage unit with a friend. Just be sure to go in on one with your buddy who is reliable. Hint: Your roommate who is always late on rent for your apartment is not a good pick. 


Make Sure Your Storage Facility has the Correct Contact Information 

Before you hit the road for a summer of freedom away from the UNT campus, hit up your storage facility to make sure they’ve got the right contact information for you. This will come in handy if there are issues with payments, security, or anything else. Don’t worry; your storage facility won’t spam you with texts, but they will stay in touch with things you need to know. 


Autopay and Forget It

Whether you’re headed for a semester in Paris (ooh la la!) or a summer by your parents’ pool, you don’t need bills killing your vibe. When you sign up for your storage unit, choose autopay so you never miss a payment.