7 Things to Store When Downsizing Your Home

All Storage Online | February 3, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

In a world where bigger often means better, the thought of downsizing your home can be quite puzzling. However, moving into a smaller house or apartment can actually be an upgrade, so long as you take the time to store a few things before you do it.

Here’s why downsizing your home is actually great. You’ll save money, not just on your rent or your mortgage, but in other ways. Downsizing to a smaller place can save you money on electricity, gas, and other bills, such as your water bill if you no longer have to deal with a big lawn and the sprinklers that come with it. Those savings can help you put away more money for retirement or pay off debt like student loans and credit card bills. You’ll also potentially save time on cleaning, decorating, and repairs. 

And best of all, when dealing with a smaller space, you will become more thoughtful about the items you choose to keep inside of it. That’s why decluttering and renting a storage unit are so important.

Here are some things we suggest putting into storage when you downsize your home:



That beautiful antique armchair you’ve always loved just doesn’t have a place in your new home—does that mean you have to part ways with it? Definitely not. If you have furniture that doesn’t fit the space or the vibe of your new home, store it. You may rearrange at a later date (or move again) and find that it fits just fine.


Seasonal Clothes

Storage space in a smaller home or apartment is everything, so don’t crowd your closets with winter coats and wool sweaters in the summer. Get in the habit of having seasonal wardrobes, which you can swap out from your storage unit as the weather changes.


Holiday Decorations

Even if you’re the kind of person who keeps your Christmas lights up until February, they’re still only getting used a few months out of the year. Divide decorations by holiday or season and keep each in its own plastic storage bin. Like your seasonal wardrobe, this will make it easy to swap them out throughout the year and then pack them away when it’s time for a change.


Important Documents

If you don’t need constant access to your tax documents and other important paperwork, consider storing these in a storage unit. For extra important documents, it’s also a good idea to have a digital backup just in case. 



There’s no need to get rid of your beloved book collection just because you’re downsizing your home (but if you want to, libraries are often willing to accept gently used books). Get a smaller bookshelf for your new, smaller space and choose the books you love best—or your supersized To Be Read pile—and keep the rest in storage. 



Jet setters need not pay this one heed, but for those of us who aren’t packing up a suitcase every single week, there’s no need to have bulky luggage taking up space in your home. Shield it with a luggage cover to eliminate dust buildup if you really don’t use it that often. 


Things You’re Not Sure You’re Ready to Part With

The rise of organization bloggers, Marie Kondo, and the minimalist decorating trend often makes us feel like we have to take a ruthless approach to decluttering. But sometimes you don’t want to get rid of that thing you love that doesn’t fit in your home. Or you know you’re not going to wear your wedding dress again, but you’re too sentimental to kick it to the curb. For items like that, self storage is a great solution. You can always revisit at a later date (in fact, putting “declutter storage unit” on your calendar is a wonderful idea).

Ready to pick a storage unit for decluttering before you downsize your home? This size guide can help you find the right one.