7 Tips for Moving During COVID-19

All Storage Online | October 14, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Moving is already stressful—factor in a global pandemic and well, let’s just say you definitely deserve that end-of-moving-day beer, and then some. If you have to move during COVID-19, you may face some hurdles when shopping around for a new place, hiring movers, and traveling, but trust us, it is possible.

Let’s start by answering your first question: Can you move during COVID-19? The answer is a resounding yes. Moving and storage companies are considered essential services, so not only can you still move, but you can still get help from the folks who make the process easier. 

Here are some tips to make your COVID-19 move stress-free:


Plan in Advance

This advice applies during normal circumstances, but it’s even more relevant now. If you’re moving out of town and will need to stay in hotels along the way, book in advance and stock up on essential travel items so that you’re not stuck if you end up in an area where things are still pretty shut down. If you’re not comfortable going to stores during COVID-19, ordering moving items such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape in advance will also be a big help.


Apartment and House Hunting May Be Different

Be aware that you might not be able to tour your new place in person, and open houses for homebuyers may also be off the table. Whether you’re renting or buying, expect in person stuff to be appointment-only, and don’t be afraid to ask for photos or a Zoom tour. Some apartment rentals may have to be a sight unseen type deal, in which case it’s especially important to go with a property management company that’s well-reviewed.


Ask Moving Companies About COVID-19 Precautions

Yes, you can still use movers. Take the time to ask about COVID-19 precautions before booking. Here’s what to look for:

  • Waived fees for rescheduling/cancellation 
  • Option to do a virtual consultation for an estimate
  • Small number of movers used
  • Extra safety measures, such as masks, gloves, cleaning procedures 
  • Contact-free moving 
  • Option to tip virtually rather than with cash


Practice Social Distancing

Keep six feet between you and anyone you encounter during your move, whether that’s the friends who are helping you, the movers, or the people at the store where you’re buying cardboard boxes. Keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy and the process will be more positive overall. 


Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy

Remember the early days of the pandemic when no one could find hand sanitizer anywhere? Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore, so stock up on some before your move! Keep it in the glove compartment of the moving van, in your purse, and in a common area where your moving crew can easily access it. Don’t forget about good old fashioned hand washing too. Have soap available at your current home and future home and wash your hands in between trips. 


Donate With Care

If you’re looking to unload some excess clutter by donating before your move, ask your charity of choice about COVID-19 precautions. Some may not be operating public donation bins or offering pick-up services. And alway, always make sure items are clean and disinfected before you donate (you should be doing that anyway!). 


Yes, You Can Still Use Self Storage

Renting a storage unit makes moving easier. That was true before COVID-19 and it’s still true now. All Storage is open and standing by to help you during your move. We’re taking extra precautions including contact-free leasing, store sanitation, and employee safety practices. Contact us for more information, and check out our blog for advice on moving, storing, and staying sane during COVID-19.