8 Home Organization Projects to Tackle While Stuck at Home

All Storage Online | May 20, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

When day 60 of quarantine starts to feel like day 6,000 of quarantine, you might find yourself looking for ways to stay busy and productive. Stay-at-home orders are being eased across the country, but many of us are still working remotely and practicing social distancing—which means lots of time at the house. 

If your home is starting to feel cluttered after so many days inside, why not use the time to tackle some projects to ease the mess? It’s a great way to destress, eliminate boredom, and take your mind off the news for a few hours. Whether you’ve got nothing but time on your hands or you’ve only got a half-hour to spare, these home organization projects are easy to tackle while you’re stuck at home:

Organize Your Spices

Do you often find yourself struggling to find that garlic powder or paprika? Organize your spices. You can organize what you’ve got in order of the ones you reach for the most, pour all of the spices into matching labelled jars so that they fit on the same shelf, or create a magnetic spice rack using this DIY method.

Organize Books by Color

Bring smiles into your home by dividing the books on your bookshelf by color. You can use the colors of the rainbow as a template (going from red to purple) or you can create an ombre effect if many of your books are different shades of one color. 

Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

You’ve been putting this one off forever. Now is the time to tackle your junk drawer. Simplify the process by dumping out the contents and only putting back the items you actually need. Everything else can go in the trash or can go where it actually belongs. And trust us, you don’t actually need a hundred pens. Keep a few good ones and lose the rest.

Declutter Holiday Decor

Christmas may be a long way off, but future you will thank present-day you for organizing your holiday decor. Go through ornaments, lights, and other goodies and toss out anything that is broken or no longer your style. If you’re dealing with seriously tangled lights, use this coffee can method.

Get Rid of Expired Makeup

Did you know that makeup and skincare products can expire? You’ll know they’re officially past their prime when they begin to irritate your skin—but it’s best to throw them out before they get to that point. Reference this makeup expiration date guide when decluttering your collection.

Install Hooks to Create Vertical Storage

This is something you can do to create space throughout your home. Order hooks online and install them in your closet for hanging jackets and purses, in the kitchen for hanging pots and pans, under the sink for cleaning products, and anywhere else you could use a little extra space.

Organize the Outside of Your Fridge

We often think about fridge organization in relation to the actual products inside. And while that’s certainly a noble and worthy organization project, what about the outside of your fridge? This one is easy and oh-so-satisfying. Start by taking off everything—magnets, calendars, to-do lists, etc. Next, wipe down the fridge to remove fingerprints and food stains. Now, get rid of any items you don’t need, including Save-the-Dates from weddings that have already passed and magnets you never use. Hang up the items that are left, taking care to arrange them in a way that’s pleasing to the eye—think photos at eye-level rather than takeout menus.

Declutter Clothing

You can’t go wrong with a classic home organization project. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting rid of clothing you no longer need. If you’ve got a few hours to spare, really spend some time asking yourself when the last time you wore each item of clothing was. There may be a charity that’s open near you and accepting donations for those in need, so this organization project is a way to do good while improving your home.

If you’re looking for additional home organization projects, decluttering tips, and resources to help during the COVID-19 crisis, take a look at our blog for more information.