Best Decluttering Projects (That You Actually Might Enjoy)

All Storage Online | August 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

The words decluttering and fun don’t always fit into the same sentence, but believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy the process of making your home a more organized place. If you’re stuck inside and bored, decluttering is a great way to pass the time while really accomplishing something. Knowing that you’re getting stuff done feels pretty good, and the benefits of a decluttered space are practically endless. Decluttering can reduce stress, promote productivity, and—if you’re a shopaholic—free up space for new stuff. Not to mention, with less clutter in your home, there’s less to clean.

So now that we’ve motivated you to declutter, which project should you tackle first? Start with one of these:


Make It a Game for Kids

If your kids rooms are the main source of clutter in your home, get your kids in on the fun. Just don’t call it cleaning or organizing. Make it a game! Here’s how it works. Grab a box for each one of you kids and set a timer. Challenge them to fill that box with as many things from their rooms that they do not want anymore in the allotted time. Whoever collects the most objects wins. You can even offer a prize (fresh cookies, anyone?). Just be sure to double-check the contents of each box before you throw out the items or donate. 


Make It a Game for Yourself

Look, games aren’t just for kids. Physiological studies have shown that gamifying situations is very effective for adults too. Designate an area you’d like to declutter—a closet, a shelf, even a whole room—and then put on a podcast or an episode of a favorite TV show. Give yourself the duration of the podcast or show to declutter that area. If you keep it up, you can binge watch a whole show while decluttering various areas of your home. 


Beautify Your Bookshelf

Give that overcrowded bookshelf a makeover. Remove all of the books and wipe down the bookcase. As you place the books back on the shelf, organize by category, by author, by alphabetical order, or even by color. As you go, identify the ones you don’t want anymore and set them aside. Then donate to your local library or a charity that collects them.


Demystify Your Junk Drawer

Is it a junk drawer or is it a black hole? That’s a question a lot of us find ourselves asking on a regular basis as we wonder where the scissors are, where the checkbook is hiding, where the stamps might be. Face it; your junk drawer is so cluttered that it’s preventing you from accessing the stuff you actually need. Dump out the contents, wipe down the insides of the drawer, and invest in some drawer organizers. Now, put back the items you actually want to have handy. If you have two drawers available, you might create separate drawers for separate purposes, i.e. a drawer for stationary items and a drawer for tools.


Organize Your Pantry

Like your junk drawer, your pantry can actually be very efficient if it isn’t crowded with items. Take everything out of your pantry, wipe down the shelves, and arrange items by activity (baking, weeknight cooking, tea time, healthy snacks, special treats). Purchase plastic bins with labels and use them to organize items and then stack on top of each other. Use baskets to organize smaller, loose items, like individual packets of teas. Keep items that you use often (spices, for example) on a shelf that’s at eye-level. Place seldom used items (or at least, items that you wish were seldom used, like that candy stash) up higher.


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