Five Things You're Storing Wrong

All Storage Online | August 7, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Think about what’s inside your storage unit. Did you pack and store each item with the utmost care? Or is it possible that there are a few things you’re storing wrong?


If you’re like most people, you probably said yes to that second question. It’s okay! Packing, moving and storing can be tedious at best and stressful at worst, so it’s normal to want to rush through the process. Whether you’re renting a storage unit long-term or short-term, storing your belongings correctly can save you money by preventing damage to items. It can also save you time when you need to go through the boxes at your storage facility to find something.


Let’s get you on the right track, storage-wise. Here are six things you’re storing wrong and how to store them correctly:




Temperature plays a huge role in wine storage. Generally speaking, wine should be stored at 55 degrees. That being said, not all wines are created equal. Some more full-bodied varietals prefer a slightly warmer temperature of 60-65 degrees. All wines, however, need climate controlled self storage, so definitely don’t put your collection in a non-climate controlled outdoor unit. Get a climate controlled storage unit, and talk to the storage facility if you need a particular temperature.




Is there anything more annoying than packing up plates? Unlike that square box they’re going in, they’re round. And when you get a whole stack of them packed up, they’re as heavy as they are fragile. Next time you store your plates, insert them into the box sideways with bubble wrap in between each one to prevent breakage.




We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so show your mattress some love by storing it the right way. Commons sense might tell you to save space by storing your mattress on its side in your storage unit, but common sense is wrong. A mattress should be stored flat so that it keeps its shape. Put a mattress cover on yours and store it flat on top of a pallet or anything else that will keep it off the ground.


Christmas Lights


When the holiday season rolls around, nothing kills the Christmas spirit like having to unspool last year’s Christmas lights. But guess what? This is only a huge hassle because you’re storing them wrong. Next time you store Christmas lights, take an empty coffee can and make a triangular cut in the lid. Drop one end of your lights into the can and wrap the lights around the outside of the can. Afterwards, place the can with the lights in a box surrounded by packing peanuts. This method prevents tangling, breakage and leaves your Christmas spirit intact.




Here’s an item that is the bane of many storage facility managers’ existence: refrigerators. Not enough people realize just how important it is to properly defrost a fridge before storing it. If you’re about to store yours, give yourself a few days to prepare it before you cart it off to the storage unit. The refrigerator will need about a week to defrost after it’s been unplugged. Put down towels, change them often and clean it out after the process is complete. Yes, this is time consuming, but making an effort to properly defrost your refrigerator before storing it in a storage unit will prevent it from leaking on the rest of your items.