NEW DOMAIN EXTENSIONS -What is a .storage and why we chose to be one!

All Storage | August 28, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Yes, if you squint you can see a "." in between "all" and "storage" in our domain name.  We chose to be proactive and hop on the .storage bandwagon. Here's why-

1) Easier to see, less to remember.  There's a lot of guesswork on remember domain names these days other than titans like google and apple, if you're not a large national company there's a good chance your domain name has to be truncated to "what was left" or "the best I could get".    Needing storage can be stressful enough, why not make the domain name easy at least!

2) Better signage fit.  Brick and mortar signage is at a premium.  City's don't like to allow a lot of signage as is it, and that's without the added difficulty of adding a ton of extra letters.

3) It suits us.  We feel that we encompass the full gambit of storage needs for our customer.  This name makes it simple and sharp and goes with our high quality projects.

4) We want to be the authority.  We know storage and we want everyone to know.  Hoping that this makes it clear that we are the official trademarked All Storage let's everyone know who they are dealing with and makes information and news from us more official and poigant.

5) The future. All Storage wanted to take it's domain into it's own hands and own it.  Just like we added the convenience of allowing full online rentals, All Storage wanted to be ahead of the recent trends and be forward-looking. Our digital footprint is more important than ever in helping us find prospective tenants and service exisiting ones.  (All Storage is also launched a new and improved tenant admin portal- stay tuned for more news on this!)

Note: Our existing domains will still all redirect, don't worry!

6) But what is a .storage?! A lot of people aren't familar with the idea of new extensions. Challenges can arise.  Asking around and showing our new beautiful box logo, I've had the questions "wait is it" or "why is there a period there, is that a typo?" New concepts take a while to catch on but this internet thing isn't going away any time soon, but neither is All Storage.

So when you're driving down the street at our new Frisco facility on Eldorado, the Custer facility in Mckinney or our Talbert and Mapleshade facility in Plano--  you can now better appreciate that a lot went into our new signage as did our facilities and our customers.

What do you think? Do you like it? What's the future of domain extensions and what do you prefer?