Utilizing Your Storage Unit for Antique Map Storage

All Storage Online | December 30, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

At All Storage, we’ve seen it all. Our storage facilities have been used to store just about anything you can think of, but we are frequently used for antique storage. 

Antique items require proper preparation, packing and care throughout the storage process. Their age makes them more susceptible to issues that can arise when items are not stored properly. Antique maps are especially sensitive. 

Until you can properly display your map, here are some practical tips for keeping it in splendid condition while in storage. 

Handling Your Map

There are two types of maps: those made before the 19th century and those made after the 19th century. What's the difference? 

Paper produced before the 19th century has a rag pulp base, meaning it has a higher fiber content. But during the industrial revolution onward, maps were produced by machines in factories with wood pulp. Wood pulp, unfortunately, is heavily acidic. Because of its acidity, over time maps turn brittle, are stained easily and yellow.

To be safe, you should always thoroughly clean your hands, and wear white cotton gloves when handling your map. This will prevent oil from your hands from seeping into the fibers of the paper and causing it to soil. 

Storing Your Map

Antique maps should be stored in low light, lying flat, with low humidity — between 40 and 60 percent — and in an acid-free container, like an archival storage box. Maps should not be stored above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so a climate-controlled storage unit will be essential. 

Avoid placing the map in direct sunlight. UV rays are harmful to the paper’s fiber. If you are unable to place the map flat, rolling is preferable to folding. 

If your map has cracks or tears, use document repair tape to reconnect the fibers. Make sure it is acid-free. The regular scotch tape contains acid and will cause your map to yellow over time, so avoid using it if at all possible. 

Store with All Storage

As you search online for self-storage, you’ll quickly see why All Storage is a perfect choice for keeping your valuables safe. We offer climate-controlled units that allow you to create the ideal conditions for preserving antique maps and other fragile items. 

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