Tackling Last-Minute Home Improvements

All Storage Online | September 28, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of the cooler weather and work on some home improvement projects that will make your home feel more spacious. When it comes to home organization, self-storage is the perfect solution to make you want to spend more time at home just in time for winter. 

Using your self-storage for home storage will help you:

  1. repurpose existing space
  2. create more space
  3. help you update your space. 

All Storage has many locations for your home and garage storage solutions, including storage units in Denton, TX.  While moving and packing tips the scale on why you’d want a storage unit, it’s also a great way to keep your home spacious and stress-free.

Repurpose Existing Space 

To improve your home, look around and see if you can give it a new facelift by repurposing some rooms or closets.  Has your dining room table become a collection spot? Take out the leaves and put them and the extra chairs in self-storage. Now the table is the perfect size for working on a puzzle or playing card games. When Thanksgiving comes, you can easily turn it back into a dining room for that one special meal. 

Do you have a closet with deep shelves or extra walk-in space? Pack up whatever is in that closet and put it in your storage unit. Now you can turn it into a little reading or playroom for a child.  Add some battery-powered lights with adhesive backs, so your child can feel they have a special place just for them.   

By exploring your home with a fresh perspective, you might discover you’ve got rooms and closets just waiting for a new use.  

Create More Space

It’s easy to forget that we have lots more space than what is inside the walls of our home.  We also have the outside of our home too.  Invest in an outdoor space heater or portable fire pit to take the edge off those chilly nights.  When the nights get warm again, you can get the heater out of the way and put it in self-storage.

Garages are also a great space when they are clear of the junk we commonly keep there.  Garage storage can take up precious room that could be used for some fun activities. An empty garage could turn into a dance party for teenagers or a spooky haunted house for Halloween. Since it’s cooler than the rest of the house, it’s also a great place to exercise or workout.  Garage storage solutions that free up your garage can give you much more space to enjoy as a family.  

Update Your Space 

One of the easiest ways to improve your home is to update a few fixtures.  How old are your drawer pulls, door handles, and light fixtures? Changing these can give a room an entirely new look, but don’t toss the original ones.  Trends come and go, and in a few years, you might wish you had them back.  Keep them in storage until they are popular again.  

Another way to update your space is to create open shelving on the walls.  This is a great chance to see what you have and give your place personality and character.  Avoid making the shelves too cluttered. Don’t put everything you own on the shelves.  Consider rotating your books or decor items based on the time of year.  When not in use, your items can stay in self-storage where they’ll keep your home clutter-free.  

Thinking of creative home storage ideas is a great home improvement project to make the whole family happier.  You’ll find that your home is much bigger than you thought. If you need self-storage near Denton, TX check out what All Storage has to offer.  Their units come in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes with special online pricing.  They also have a series of videos that make it easy to decide which size is best for you.  Check out their website and start freeing up some space in your home today. 

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