Baby-Proofing with Self-Storage in Bedford TX

All Storage Online | May 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

One of the scariest parts of being a new parent is baby-proofing your house to keep your little one safe. Effectively baby proofing often means tossing out furniture, removing excess clutter from your home and installing latches, gates, and protective coverings for outlets and much else throughout your home. 

It might not seem obvious at first, but self-storage can be one of your most effective tools when baby-proofing your entire house. 

This is especially true if you're rushing to finish baby-proofing before your little one becomes mobile. Learn more about how to use self-storage to help make your house safe for little ones. 

Clear the Clutter

The first step to making a house safe for toddlers and babies is to remove any excess clutter that you have around your house. Clear and open spaces are safer and easier for little people to crawl and walk around. This is the first step that self-storage in Bedford, TX can help you. Walk through your home and make note of anything extra that you don't need in your space. Donate, sell, and give away items you don't want any longer. Stash important items that you temporarily want out of your living space in self-storage or in a storage space you have available in your own home. 

Make Furniture Safe or Remove it

Furniture is often one of the biggest hazards for new walkers. Rough wooden edges, glass tabletops, harsh corners, and other pieces can all do damage to a little one that falls. While you can't protect your child from every spill, it's a good idea to help soften your home as much as you can. For some people that means installing bumpers on the edges of tabletops and over other sharp corners. For others, it means tucking away certain pieces of furniture until after the little one is older. Our climate-controlled storage can help house all your furniture items to clear out space and create a safer home environment for you all without putting your more expensive pieces at risk. Slip your unsafe furniture into storage and enjoy knowing that it's a safe temperature and humidity level for long-term storage without damage. 

Open up Space for Your New Baby's Possessions

Along with getting potentially unsafe furniture out of your home and taking care of general clutter, a self-storage space can help you open up space in a specific room or rooms in your home for your new child's possessions. Most babies have many pieces of furniture, toys, and items that they'll need and use as they grow up. If you aren't sure where all those items are going to go, you can utilize your storage space to open up rooms until you have the room for all those items to sit comfortably. 

Create a Safe space for Your Little One

As a parent of a toddler or an infant, it's incredibly valuable to have a safe space that you can leave your little one for short periods of time while you get other things done. This requires some planning and usually a cleanout as well. Whether you're going to make a gated section in an existing room, or you're going to create an entire protected playroom and nursery to hold your little one, you still have some clearing to get done. Think about the space you want to create and utilize your storage space to hold what you don't want to get rid of. 

At All Storage we offer a wide range of self-storage units to choose from, making it easy to get as much or as little space as you need to house everything you don't want in your home while baby-proofing your space. Utilize the storage space to get your home ready faster and easier than you otherwise would.