Climate vs. Non-Climate Storage

All Storage | September 18, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

When you’re ready to move, need valuables stored in a safe place while you’re away, or just want to get rid of clutter, storage is a no-brainer. But while your valuables may be protected from theft, the weather can be an even bigger culprit for damage.

Many storage companies like AllStorage offer climate and non-climate storage options to their customers. Non-climate storage is a basic option providing a secure storage room that can be locked and protected. Non-climate is a popular choice for items that don’t need to be stored for a long period of time at a cheaper price.

Climate storage, on the other hand, requires items to be kept in a temperature-regulated room. Brenda, Project Manager of Allstorage, explains: “Unlike someone’s house or a non-climate storage facility, we keep our climate-controlled rooms temperature-regulated, between 55 and 85 degrees. In the winter it doesn’t go below 55 and in the summer it doesn’t go above 85.”

If you’re considering storing your valuables, Brenda recommends items like electronics, photographs, artwork and antiques be stored in a climate-controlled storage room. These types of items are most prone to being damaged by weather conditions like heat and humidity so it’s worth the time to consider protecting them with climate-control.

While non-climate controlled rooms are a quick and cheap alternative, climate controlled rooms are sealed to provide more protection, keeping out bugs and dust while you’re away.

“We have a customer who went to China for two years so they brought everything in their house to one of our AllStorage climate-controlled rooms. When they come back, there won’t be any crickets or dust. It’s a huge benefit.”

Location and season also play big parts in deciding where to store items. If it’s during one of the colder months of the year and there isn’t a chance of heat being a huge factor, non-climate is the perfect option. But during the summer months, it is extremely important to protect items from being damaged by the heat for long periods of time. In different parts of the country, one option may be more suited than the other depending on which locations experience harsher climates.

When you do decide a storage plan, the weather still has a chance to put a damper on your moving day. A unique feature AllStorage offers to combat the unpredictability of weather is their covered loading bays. When you pull into an AllStorage facility, your vehicle is completely covered, preventing rain and heat from ruining your valuables.

It is important to consider how each of your items will be protected when you plan to store them away for a period of time. Be sure to list items that need more protection than others and decide if it would be beneficial having them placed in a climate-controlled storage facility. Also know beforehand the length of time you will be placing these items in storage. If not all of your items need to be climate-controlled, save money by splitting your items into both non-climate and climate-controlled rooms.