Covid-19 Resources in Garland, Texas

All Storage Online | September 3, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

As Covid-19 continues to affect Texans all across the state, it’s more important than ever for communities to support each other. As a part of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex community, we aim to provide resources and information that will help residents in the neighborhoods we serve. In addition to ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable visiting our All Storage facilities, we’re also compiling helpful information community-by-community in an effort to connect you with any services that might make your life easier during Covid-19.

For residents of Garland, we’ve put together the following brief rundown of information on testing, financial assistance with bills, free or low-cost services, plus ways to give back. If you need additional information, you can call 211 24-hours a day to be connected with resources in Garland.



Testing is readily in Garland as well as in the surrounding suburbs. The Department of Health and Human Services has a bunch of useful information regarding Covid-19 testing in Texas, so take a look at that, and then get tested if you feel the need. Testing in Garland is offered at several locations including First Family Health Care, Garland Health Center, Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care, CVS Pharmacy, Urgent Care For Kids, MD Family Clinic, Exceptional Urgent Care and Walmart. Both drive-through and walk-up testing is available in Garland, and is typically covered by insurance or free.


Help for Seniors

Seniors in Garland who need assistance with food, paying bills, and access to care can utilize meal delivery services through the Visiting Nurse Association of Texas Meals on Wheels Program. Help with paying bills and other needs can be found via The Senior Source Elder Financial Safety Program, which can be reached at 214-823-5700. For both programs, individuals must be 62 or older, residents of Garland, and able to prove that their income is below 80% of the regional income median.


Help with bills

If you’re struggling to pay your rent or mortgage in Garland, help is available. Catholic Charities of Dallas operates an emergency mortgage and rental assistance program in conjunction with the city of Garland. You must have proof of residency, proof of impact from Covid-19 (loss of job, income, etc.) as well as other supporting documents such as an eviction notice or mortgage statement. 

If you need help with utilities, contact Utility Customer Service


Give Back to Neighbors

If you’re able to help your community during this difficult time, consider the Provide Aid in Dollars (P.A.I.D.) program, which allows you to make contributions that go towards families who are struggling to pay utility bills. You can also give back by donating blood or plasma. The latter is especially needed if you have had and have recovered from Covid-19.


Free/Affordable Medical Services and Mental Health Services

Low-cost and no-cost medical services and therapy are available for Garland residents who need care. For free medical care, Garland residents can visit the Hope Clinic of Garland. This is available to residents 18 or older who are living below 200% of the poverty level and do not have health insurance. If you need mental health assistance, counseling is available from the Counseling Institute of Texas to Garland residents who are below 80% of the median income. 

For resources in other neighboring communities, please see our blog for additional information.