Fees to Expect When Renting a Storage Unit

All Storage Online | August 29, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If you’re looking for a storage unit, your first thought is: how much does it cost? And then your second thought is: yeah, but how much does it really cost? Storage units are designed to be affordable, but sometimes those low prices seem like they’re too good to be true. Some storage facilities might conceal hidden fees behind a crazy-low monthly rent, but at All Storage, we’re all about transparency.

When budgeting for a storage unit, it’s important to consider rent and a few other additional fees. Don’t worry; these additional fees are small and often either a one-time thing or totally optional. Here’s a little more information on the fees All Storage charges.

Admin Fee

This is a one-time fee that you will pay when you rent a storage unit. An admin fee comes standard at pretty much every storage facility and is meant to cover the costs associated with renting the storage unit to a new tenant. This costs $21.


Unlike homeowners insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and, well, pretty much every other type of insurance, you don’t hear much about self storage insurance. If you rent a storage unit, however, self storage insurance is important and fortunately very cheap. When you rent a storage unit at All Storage, you also have to sign up for insurance. This adds approximately $9 a month to your rent. For about the cost of two fancy coffee drinks, you have $2,000 in coverage. This insures you against a wide range of hazards including fire, burglary and ice.

Late Fee

Now we get into the optional fees. Late fees at a storage facility certainly fall under that category. You’re never going to get charged one by All Storage if you pay your rent on time. If you are late on paying your rent, here’s what it looks like:

The grace period lasts for five days after the rent is due. Once those five days are over, an $8 fee is tacked onto your rent. Every day after that costs you an additional $2. Eventually, the lien process begins and if you’re seriously behind on rent, your storage unit may even go to auction. Obviously, the solution is to pay your rent before that happens. Be sure to respond to any communication you receive from All Storage if you’re running behind on monthly payments on your storage unit.

Locksmith Fee

If you’re the kind of person who loses keys all the time, this might be one fee to budget for. Again, this fee is optional. Obviously, not everyone is going to lose their key, but if you’re the forgetful type and one day you forget your key, All Storage will refer you to a locksmith. These fees are charged independently and can vary, so save yourself the money—and the hassle—and keep your key somewhere that you’ll remember it.    

Cleanup Fee

Want to save money during your next move? Clean out your storage unit. When moving out of your storage unit, it’s crucial that you remove all of your items and clean up any mess. In other words, leave your storage unit as you found it: empty and clean. If you abandon property or spill something and don’t clean it up, this may result in a cleaning fee.

Cleaning fees are charged on a sliding scale based on how many hours it takes the storage facility to tidy things up. In terms of how much it’ll cost you, there’s a big difference between leaving a few boxes behind and completely trashing your storage unit with bags of actual garbage. You don’t have to hire an entire cleaning crew to scrub and polish your storage unit; just use common sense when you move out and you’ll avoid paying a cleanup fee.