Five Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

All Storage | October 7, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

People use storage units for various reasons.  Perhaps you’re moving or you’re traveling for a long period of time or you just ran out of space.  Whatever the reason may be, there is more to consider when choosing the right storage unit than you think.


Here are five things you need to consider before renting a storage unit:

Climate Control vs. Non-Climate

We touched upon this issue in our last blog, and we are reiterating here again.  It’s important to the difference between the two in order to make a wise choice.  Non-climate storage is a basic option providing a secure storage room that can be locked and protected.  Whereas climate storage requires items to be kept in a temperature-regulated room.  Before you decide which route to take, make sure you assess your items and needs accordingly.

Mandatory Insurance

You are responsible for the items you store at All Storage and insurance for those items is required.  All Storage offers affordable self-storage insurance options at their facilities.  It’s a good idea to insure your items against any risks associated with renting a storage unit.  Your items are of value to you and we think it’s important that you take the necessary steps to preserve them as unforeseeable acts can take place.  All Storage partnered with Great American Insurance Group.

Have a Sense of Space

Oftentimes you may underestimate the amount of space you may actually need.  Brenda advises her customers to have a spatial concept.  That means take a look at how much square footage you actually need for the amount of stuff you have.  When assessing the size, don’t forget to consider getting a space slightly larger than you think you need if it’s going to act as storage that you access often. You will need space to walk around and move things.

Totes vs. Boxes

When storing your items, you need to ask yourself totes or boxes?  Brenda recommends that you use totes for a few reasons, but most importantly because they won’t fall apart over time and they are easier to stack as opposed to boxes.  However, you must take into account what kind of items you are storing.  Another reason totes work best is that your items will be protected against dust, humidity, and other external factors that may damage your items.

Know the Premises

The last tip is be aware of the premises.  Ask yourself questions such as is there is security?  Do the premises have cameras?  Is there a gate?  How will I access the premises, do I need a code?  These are all factors to consider before renting a storage unit.  Here at All Storage, we have gated facilities with electronic gates, camera monitoring, secure units, and drive-up access.