Halloween and Self Storage – An Eerily Perfect Combo

All Storage | October 23, 2015 @ 12:00 AM


Halloween is a great holiday, and not just for kids!  Every year the costumes and displays get more elaborate, and let’s face it, more expensive.  Gone are the days when mom cut a hole in an old sheet and you went trick-or-treating as a ghost.  It used to be enough to carve a face in a pumpkin and put it on the front porch and call it “decorating” for Halloween.  With the advent of social media, Halloween displays can be seen by a much broader audience, and the tendency to “one-up” displays every year can be contagious.



If you’ve designed a display like the above for your home or business, you’ve invested, potentially thousands of dollars in materials and time.  In order to protect that investment, it’s important to store your displays and costumes carefully.  Self Storage is the safest and most convenient place to safeguard your valuable investment.

Climate Control Self Storage



The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW) is known for HOT summers.  If your Halloween display includes electronics, moving parts, or fragile items, your best bet is to store your items in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit.  The Texas sun gets hot enough in the summer to melt glue.  A Climate Controlled Storage Unit will keep your decorations at a safe temperature, and help you to be sure your investment remains in great shape for many years.

Home Owners Associations (HOAs)

In Texas, HOAs often decorate gate entrances and community areas for Halloween.  A Storage Unit is an excellent place for an HOA to store not just Halloween decorations, but Christmas, Easter, and Fourth of July as well.  See our 5 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations.

Haunted House Operators

Self Storage is the perfect solution for Haunted House Operators.  These operators have the most elaborate displays with electronics, moving parts, and fragile materials.  A Climate Controlled Storage Unit is the best way to ensure that your investment in the business of scaring people stands the test of time!

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