How to Fit Decluttering Into a Busy Schedule

All Storage Online | April 16, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

You know you need to declutter—so what’s stopping you? 

There are many reasons why people procrastinate decluttering. Sometimes sentimentality gets in the way. You want to get rid of your kid’s toys—he’s in college at this point so he definitely doesn’t want his teddy bear anymore—but you can’t bring yourself to do it. Maybe you’re hanging onto a closet full of jeans just in case you drop 10 pounds, or a cabinet full of nice china plates just in case you have a very fancy dinner party someday. Perhaps you feel guilt over getting rid of clutter. What if grandma comes over and sees you’ve ditched all of those ugly sweaters she knitted for you? 

Of all the reasons for not decluttering when you know you should, one reigns supreme: You’re too busy. 

Well, let’s help you let go of that excuse. Here are six ways to declutter even when you don’t have the time:


Declutter One Tiny Step at a Time

Decluttering can feel overwhelming—especially when you’ve put it off for a long time already. Try breaking it into manageable pieces by starting small. During your morning coffee, toss out a mug you haven’t used in years. When you’re at your desk, look for a few things that are gathering dust. Clean a single closet or a single room. Before you know it, you will have decluttered your whole house.


Set a Timer

Is your schedule so crazy that you don’t even have an hour to spare for lunch? Choose an amount of time that you can realistically take out of your busy day (like the 10 minutes you would normally spend scrolling Instagram) and dedicate it to decluttering. Set a timer, choose an area to declutter, and see how much you can accomplish.  


Schedule Decluttering

One way to fit decluttering into a busy schedule is to, well, literally fit it into your schedule! Whether you use a physical planner or a digital one, take it out at the beginning of your week and pencil in an hour or two to declutter. Take it as seriously as you would any other commitment on your plate; you’ll be less likely to bail. 


Declutter in Small Windows of Time Every Day

Who wants to give up an entire glorious Saturday to declutter the house? Not us. You can declutter without sacrificing your leisure time by doing it in small windows every day. Whether you set aside an hour twice a week or even just 15 minutes Monday through Friday, spreading it out will get the job done without eating into your workday or your free time.


Enlist Help

Don’t go it alone with decluttering. Have your kids, spouse or roommates help declutter. Pick a time that works for everyone (definitely don’t spring it on your family last minute) and yes, if you have to bribe with pizza, by all means, do so. 


Have Resources that Help You Declutter

Here’s a common problem: You begin decluttering, but then you realize you don’t have boxes or trash bags for hauling things away. And wait, you don’t know where to donate, recycle, or sell unwanted items. Suddenly, you’ve given up on decluttering and resigned to being a person with too much stuff. 

Save yourself from this all-too-common decluttering dilemma by having resources in place. Stock up on boxes and bags to make hauling out clutter easier. Research the closest places that accept donations. Rent a storage unit online. In other words, work smarter; not harder. We can’t promise these tips will make decluttering any more fun, but we can promise they’ll make it easier.