How to Store a Treadmill

All Storage Online | February 7, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

According to Inc., most people give up their New Year’s Resolutions by January 19. How far did you make it this year?

If, like many hopeful people on December 31, your goal for 2020 was to get in shape, you likely bought some equipment to make your fitness dreams a reality. We’re not here to judge if said equipment is currently gathering dust, but we are here to offer advice on what to do with it. If your treadmill hasn’t seen your running shoes in awhile, it might be time to put the thing in storage. You’ll free up the space, save yourself from the crushing guilt you feel whenever you walk past it, and still have it available when you decide to recommit yourself to working out. And hey, worst case scenario, you can always sell it and try yoga or something.

Let us help you store your treadmill and reclaim that space inside your home. Here are a few tips for storing this piece of exercise equipment in your storage unit:


Preparing the Treadmill for Storage

When it comes to self storage and moving, a treadmill can seem like an intimidating item. It’s heavy, it’s unwieldy, and it’s easy to break. 

So let’s start simple. First, run your treadmill for a minute or so (you don’t have to actually run on in, just turn it on and start it). Keep your eyes and your ears peeled for anything that seems off—screeches, bumps, rattling, etc. If it isn’t working right, you may want to have it serviced before storing it. 

Search for your owner’s manual (Pro tip: Most can be found online if you’ve lost the physical copy.), and follow cleaning instructions for the motor. Always turn off the treadmill before cleaning it, and if you’re in doubt about the correct procedures, call in an expert to do the job.

Now use a spray-on treadmill lubricant on the underside of the belt (this is a treadmill-specific product which can be found on Amazon). You don’t need a lot. 


Folding Treadmills 

Most treadmills can be folded. Your owner’s manual will tell you whether or not this is the case with yours. If so, follow the enclosed instructions. This will save space in your storage unit. If space isn’t a concern, you can skip this step, but we recommend doing it to make the moving process easier. 


Choosing a Storage Unit

Rent a storage unit online. Opt for a storage unit with climate control, as this feature is recommended for electronic items. You can even find a storage facility with EZ Drive-Thru storage, which basically allows you to drive inside a fully-enclosed storage facility where you can unload your treadmill and other items directly into your storage unit. Leases are offered on a month-to-month basis, so if you need to upgrade or downgrade to another unit, or if you’ve decided to take your treadmill out of storage, you can easily end your rental agreement and store again whenever you’re ready. All Storage also offers self storage insurance to help protect the value of your treadmill while it’s in storage. As an extra precaution, note the price of the make and model you own and take a photo of it before storing. 


On Moving Day

Have at least one other person available to help on moving day, or hire movers. At the storage facility, place your treadmill on the ground of your storage unit. You can cover it with a protective sheet to help keep it free from dust while it’s in self storage. Do not store boxes on top of the treadmill or hang anything off of it. 

That’s it! When you’re ready to bring your treadmill out of storage again (maybe next New Year’s Day?), make sure to properly inspect it and run the motor before hopping on for a run. If you need any advice on how to store a treadmill, contact your manufacturer or come see the friendly All Storage team for more expert storage tips.