How to Store Christmas Decorations

All Storage Online | January 11, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

When do you take down your Christmas decorations? December 26th? January 1st? Or much, much later? And more importantly, where do you store those holiday lights and ornaments once you’re done decking the halls?

A storage unit is the ideal solution for Christmas decorations. Think about it: your holiday decor is only seen for about a month, and then it’s out of sight until next December (or Black Friday, if you’re ambitious). Now that you know where to store your Christmas decorations, here’s how to do it:

Christmas Lights

Don’t go full Grinch at the thought of storing those many strings of Christmas lights; just follow these surprisingly easy steps:

  • Once you’ve carefully taken the lights down, spread them out and plug them in. Throw out any strands that are broken or otherwise defective.
  • Find a coffee can and cut a two-inch triangle into the plastic lid. Set the lid aside and then drop one end of the strand of lights into the can. Wind the lights around the outside of the can and then close the lid. This is an effortless way to eliminate tangling. Just be sure to have enough cans for all of your lights.
  • Place the cans in a box with several inches of space between them, and then fill that space with something to cushion them (packing peanuts, newspaper or even the skirt of your tree can work).

Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments are an almost sacred part of the Christmas season. If you have antique or rare ornaments, you don’t want to risk damaging them by storing them wrong. If possible, store ornaments individually in their original boxes, separated by packing peanuts or newspaper inside a larger container.

Don’t have the original boxes? Purchase an ornament storage container with dividers. When placing the box full of ornaments in your storage unit, do not stack anything on top of it and do not place it near anything that could fall on it.

Fake Christmas Tree

Not that you would, but just a friendly reminder that you shouldn’t store a real, live Christmas tree in a storage unit. Christmas trees are highly flammable, they attract pests, they’re messy and trust us, even the prettiest Douglas fir isn’t going to look so great after a year in a storage unit.

If you’ve opted for a fake Christmas tree, we can help you there. Most artificial Christmas trees can be taken apart simply by twisting individual sections and taking them apart. If you’ve opted for a version with built in lights, be careful doing this as you don’t want to damage the wires. Store the artificial tree in its original packaging or in a large, clear plastic tote. Make sure the tree isn’t squeezed or flattened so that it is able to maintain its shape for next year.

Wrapping Paper

Here’s a genius idea for all of that crumpled up wrapping paper that ends up on your floor come Christmas morning: use it to cushion your ornaments, lights, nativity scene and other decorations in storage.

For the wrapping paper that you didn’t use this past Christmas—and the bows, boxes, tape, labels and cards—get a wrapping paper storage bag or DIY your own by getting a box with dividers. Keep everything together including scissors, tape, wrapping paper and tissue paper. You’ll thank yourself next year when it comes time to wrap all of those Christmas presents.