How to Store Plates

All Storage Online | August 14, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

One item that never fails to frustrate and mystify during the moving process is plates. From fine china to the everyday plates you eat pizza off of, plates are prone to cracking, chipping and breaking when stored incorrectly in a storage unit. As an added headache, they’re heavy when stacked and their round shape doesn’t really make sense considering that cardboard boxes are square. In the moving and storage business, we kind of think of plates as our own personal round peg in a square hole dilemma. 

But here’s the good news. It is possible to store plates easily and correctly using a few simple tips and tricks. Here’s how:


Moving Supplies for Storing Plates

Before packing your plates, stock up on essential supplies. You will need packing material for cushioning, which can be bubble wrap, foam or any other kind of clean, soft gentle material that will fill up space. If you’re storing fine china, you may also want fine china dividers as well. Cardboard boxes should be large enough to accommodate plates, but not so large that the plates shift during the moving process. Many All Storage locations sell moving supplies on-site, so buy what you need there and ask questions if you’re not sure what materials are right for your storage needs.


Do The Dishes

No one likes to do the dishes, but giving your plates a wash before storing them is a good idea. This will remove any stubborn food particles which may attract pests while in storage. You can also use this opportunity to repair and clean china plates. If you notice any hairline cracks, submerge the affected dish in warm milk for two to three hours or until the crack has disappeared. If you notice any plates that are cracked and chipped beyond repair, get rid of them. Packing for a move is a great time to declutter and downsize.


Packing Your Plates

Now here’s where we get to the fun part (well, fun for us, because we’re a storage company). Ready for the ultimate plate storage hack? Fill the bottom of each box with cushion, wrap each plate individually with bubble wrap and then insert them one at a time on their sides. Trust us, this is a game-changer. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been resting plates in a box the way you’d set them on a table, but putting them on their sides—with plenty of cushion in between each one—is easier, more efficient and prevents breakage. Once you’ve filled a box, lift it and make sure you don’t feel anything jostling around. If you do, insert more cushion. Most importantly, label boxes containing plates as fragile.


Choosing the Right Storage Unit for Plates

If you’re not sure what size storage unit to get, here are some videos that can help with that. The most important feature to look for when renting the best storage unit for your needs is to ensure that you’re renting at a facility with climate control. All Storage offers climate controlled storage units that keep temperature and humidity at a safe level, which will prevent plates from cracking and will preserve delicate paint details on fine china. All Storage has facilities all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, including Arlington, Bedford, Plano, Mesquite and Keller. We also have facilities in Oklahoma. Give us a call if you have questions about storing plates or anything else. We’re always here to make your self storage experience a great one.