How to Store Records

All Storage Online | October 31, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Vinyl records are making a serious comeback. Over the past decade, stores selling CD’s and tapes have shuttered, by record shops are on the rise. In 2017, The Guardian reported that record sales have hit a 25-year high, proving that while services such as Spotify and Pandora are a convenient way to have an endless stream of song choices in the palm of your hand, there’s nothing like the simple pleasure of putting on a classic vinyl record and listening to it all the way through.

If you’re a vinyl collector or you’ve inherited a bunch of your parents’ old records, proper storage is key to preserving your music. Here’s how to store your records in a storage unit.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Records fare best in darkness. That’s one reason why self storage is the ideal place for your record collection. A storage unit is nice and dark. Just make sure to avoid exposing your vinyl collection to intense sunlight during the moving process.

Moving Supplies Matter

When it comes to storing vinyl records, your choice of boxes matters. Check to see if any of your records have damaged sleeves. If so, replace these with new polypropylene sleeves. Pack your records in record storage boxes and be sure to label them as fragile.

Invest in Shelving

Storage units don’t come with shelving, so you’re going to want to provide your own if possible. The ideal shelving can hold 35 pounds per foot. If buying shelving isn’t an option for you, store your records so that they are not directly on the floor of your storage unit. Placing them on top of something sturdy is a surefire solution, but storage pallets are also a fantastic option.

Get Climate Control

Wondering if climate controlled storage is worth the cost? If you’re storing records, it definitely is. Vinyl records are best stored at a temperature of 73 degrees with humidity levels at 40%. A climate controlled storage unit will ensure that your records aren’t exposed to extreme heat or humidity, which will keep them in great condition.

Think Vertically

Records are fragile, so it’s key that you don’t put a lot of pressure on them. Storing them vertically (picture a stack of pancakes rather than a shelf of books) is best.

Don’t Overpack

Vinyl records need plenty of room to breathe—okay, not literally, but you get it. When placing records into storage boxes, avoid overpacking. This will create pressure that could damage the records. Yes, this might mean that you have to buy some additional boxes or even rent a bigger unit than you originally thought you needed, but it’s worth it to keep your records in pristine condition.

Extra Protection

Self storage already offers you a better level of protection than home storage does, but there are a few additional measures you can take to keep your vinyl record collection safe. First, get self storage insurance. At All Storage, this is required. Don’t worry; it doesn’t cost much. You can actually get $2,000 in coverage for less than $10 a month.

Another layer of protection to consider when storing your vinyl records in a storage unit is the security of the facility. At All Storage, you can expect 24-hour surveillance, timed access gates, plus indoor storage that’s designed to only allow authorized tenants inside while keeping everybody else out.

Do you have questions about storing your vinyl record collection? Don’t hesitate to contact All Storage for advice on storing your treasured music and everything else that matters to you.