All Storage | January 6, 2016 @ 12:00 AM


How many times have we resolved to finally get our lives in order in the New Year? From diet, to fitness, to organization, most people will break their well-meant resolutions before the end of January. Following are some tips to help avoid that trap and get us to our goals!

Set reasonable goals – If you’ve never jogged in your life, don’t plan to run a marathon in March. If you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, plan to pay off one credit card at a time, not to have all your debt paid off by summer. Plan to lose 5 pounds per month, not 25! Unreasonable goals cause frustration and a sense of failure, and those feelings will likely cause you to quit. When a reasonable goal is achieved, you’ll feel that sense of accomplishment that will keep you on track for the whole year.

Set measurable goals – A goal that isn’t measurable will have the tendency to be postponed again and again. For example, if you’re planning to start saving for retirement, but don’t have a measurable goal, odds are that you’ll keep postponing actually saving any money until you realize it’s too late – and give up for another year. Measurable goals help keep you on track so that you’re less likely to fall behind and give up. Smaller increments of your larger goals can help give you incentive to press on.

Leave room for slip-ups – Acknowledge that your path will not be perfect. Don’t let one small slip-up (or a bunch of large slip-ups) keep you from pressing on!

Ask for help – Find someone to exercise with, or ask your spouse to help keep dangerous foods out of the house. Most people find it easier to keep their resolutions if they have someone to help hold them accountable.