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Lessons in How to Store Collectibles from the Galactic Swag Expo

All Storage Online | Sep 12, 2018

Recently, All Storage sponsored the Galactic Swag Expo in Fort Worth, Texas. This exciting event featured two days of comics, cosplay, movie vehicles and more.

Attendees were treated to exhibitions including the Rick & Morty flying saucer, the Back to the Future Delorean and the 1966 Batmobile. Special guests included Anne Lockhart from Battlestar Galactica and Chuck Huber from Star Trek Continues. The event also featured some seriously awesome cosplay. Event-goers were able to mingle with their favorite characters from the screen in real life including Catwoman and Princess Leia.

All Storage was proud to sponsor the event, and did so with the clever tagline “We’re like a Tardis for collectors.” This brings to mind the question: for connoisseurs of collectible items—be they figurines, comic books, costumes or something else entirely—what’s the best way to store these valuable items?

Here are our tips for storing collectibles:

Preparing for Storage

Before you bring your collectibles to your storage unit at All Storage, a little preparation is in order. You want your collectibles to maintain or gain value over time, so it’s important to keep them in mint condition. From comic books to antique items, taking them time to make sure these collectibles are clean before putting them in storage is essential. Dust and debris will cause wear and tear, so removing this will keep collectibles safe.

Take the time to gently wipe dust from all collectibles. Provide plastic sleeves or protective packaging for all items. For comic books, it’s easy to find specially made comic book sleeves. If the existing packaging is cracked or damaged, replace it.

Next organize your collectibles and place them in carefully labelled boxes.

Choosing a Storage Unit

The right storage unit for collectibles features two main components: climate control and plenty of darkness. These are the two things that all collectibles need. You wouldn’t leave a rare comic book sitting on a sunny windowsill where it could become faded, and you wouldn’t want a costume to be kept in a garage where it could be damaged by mildew.

Fortunately, All Storage offers climate controlled storage units, where the temperature and humidity is always kept at a safe level. As far as darkness goes, a storage unit offers plenty of that. As an added measure, All Storage offers EZ-Drive Thru Storage, which means that your storage unit will be inside a building that you actually drive into. This adds an additional layer of protection from the elements and from theft.


Speaking of the elements and theft, another must-have when considering self storage for collectibles is self storage insurance. Your collectibles are valuable, so it’s crucial to protect them with an affordable, comprehensive self storage insurance plan.

Insurance is mandatory at All Storage, and the cost is super inexpensive. It’s probably even less than your Amazon Prime subscription. For less than $10 a month, you can expect $2,000 in coverage, so even if your collectibles are costly, you’re covered.

Need more advice on storing your collectibles? No matter what you’re storing, the All Storage team is excited to help you store it right. Just swing by the office and ask.


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