Your Monthly Self Storage Cleaning Checklist

All Storage Online | July 2, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Whether you’re cleaning out an apartment, a mansion, a storage unit, or anything else, there are a few basic principles that will make your monthly cleaning much easier.

If you do things bit by bit, a little at a time, it’s much more convenient than trying to get everything done all at once. Nobody likes to feel overwhelmed, and having a monthly cleaning checklist will help you stay on top of things and not get behind in your cleaning.


Group Your Cleaning By Areas or Rooms


The first principle is to decide how you’re going to attack your cleaning. Group things by area or by room. If you’re going to clean the bathroom and you have several, do them all at once, so you only have to get the supplies out once.

If you’re cleaning out your self-storage, you will likely only have one area but you can use these same principles to get it sparkling to keep your things nice and tidy.



The kitchen is a great place to start any cleaning checklist because it’s often the most used room in the home. Before cleaning, get things tidied up first, meaning take time to put away dishes, rags, toys, and anything else that may end up in your kitchen.

Once it’s tidy, mop, scrub, clean, and scrape to your heart’s content until your kitchen looks like one you’d see on TV. Place unused kitchen items and things you want out of the way into self-storage in Bedford, TX, if you’re not using them often.




  • Put away dishes and other items on the table and countertops.
  • Unload the dishwasher, put dirty dishes in.
  • Sweep, mop, scrub and wipe down all surfaces.
  • Take items you’re not using and place them elsewhere.




Bedrooms seem to collect all sorts of clutter, so the biggest thing in cleaning bedrooms is to get it a bit less chaotic. If it feels like your bedroom is too small, try moving some items to storage in Bedford, TX, before giving up and buying a new home. Often, clutter can make your rooms feel smaller.

Organize things, putting items you use most into the most accessible areas. Use under-bed storage if possible, and hang things like art and photos on the wall rather than cluttering up surface tops.



  • Put away all clothes, shoes, and other cluttering items.
  • Organize things so you can best get to the stuff you need most, with items you don’t use often going into storage.
  • Dust and vacuum once the bedroom is organized.



Bathrooms are usually people’s least favorite places to clean, so it makes sense to do them all at once and get it over with. Plus, if you keep on top of it, you won’t have to deep clean it all the time.

The biggest thing with bathrooms is just to get it clean, really clean, and then keep touching it up as your days and weeks go on so it never gets too grimy again.


  • Eliminate all clutter inside your bathroom before doing a deep clean. If you need extra space, use our storage units in Bedford, TX.
  • Use bins and drawer organizers to maximize bathroom space.
  • Mop, sweep, vacuum, scrub, and do anything else needed to get your bathroom beautiful again.


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