How to Safely Access Your Storage Unit During COVID-19

All Storage Online | April 28, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Preppers take great pride in stockpiling the supplies that they'll need most in emergency situations, including a virus pandemic. For hundreds of years, preppers have been burying supply caches for an effective and secret way to re-supply during an emergency. 

A cache is typically a protective tube or cylinder buried in the ground. This technique is cheap, it works well and it's hidden from everyone. It's also inconvenient and time-consuming. That's why many modern-day survivalists rely on self-storage facilities to house their emergency supplies. 

It's important to have supplies when going through a flu outbreak or COVID-19 outbreak, and storage units are ideal for this purpose. Learn how to make the most of a storage-unit cache while maintaining social distancing and sanitization efforts below. 

What Should You Store?

As tempting as it might be to stockpile non-perishable food items, that's not a good practice to follow when stockpiling in storage units. Instead, you should find a place for all your food at home and keep items you need less frequent access to in your storage cache. 

When preparing for a widespread virus such as COVID-19, it's helpful to stockpile sanitizing wipes, alcohol, bleach, and other household sanitizers as well as protective gloves and masks as long as the local medical professionals aren't in need of them. 

These tools will help you avoid contracting the virus even during times when you have no choice but to visit locations other people are accessing. 

It's advisable to keep a collection of water purification tools in your storage facility along with one or more large empty containers for water storage. Add in purification tablets and a portable filtration system so you always have access to water even if your local supply becomes contaminated. 

It's also important to have access to high-quality medical supplies. Keep a first-aid kit stored in your unit that has medications, bandages, quick-clot, a tourniquet, disinfectant swabs and creams, anti-itch cream and other emergency supplies. 

Once you assemble all your supplies and you're ready to add them to your storage facility, take the time to inventory everything and to organize your supplies into specific containers and locations in your storage units. By remaining organized you will always know where to find your supplies so you can grab what you need quickly and go. 

Visit Your Supplies as Little as Possible

While it's important to have all the supplies you need in self-storage in Fort Worth, TX, it's also important to only go access those supplies when you absolutely have to during a COVID-19 outbreak or another viral outbreak. 

That's why you should only store supplies that you'll need access to once a month or less in your unit. That's one of the reasons you should avoid storing food and containers filled with water in your storage units. As long as you choose what you store with care, it should be easy to only stop in at the facility occasionally. 

Re-Supply During Off Hours and Sanitize

When you do need to go to your facility for supplies you should do so during off-hours. All Storage is open 24/7, so you can go to the location late at night or early in the morning when other people aren't likely to be there. Remember to follow basic sanitation rules, access supplies infrequently, and avoid storing supplies you need regular access to so you can effectively store emergency materials.

When you arrive at the facility check to see if others are there before you enter the facility. Carefully sanitize any shared tools such as a keypad before using it to protect yourself from a lingering virus. 

Once in the facility, wipe down the lock and handle of your unit before opening it up. Take care to disinfect your hands before touching any of your supplies and also sanitize any items before you place them in your storage unit to maintain a sterile environment. 

Good personal hygiene practices, social distancing, and sanitation techniques while using a self-storage facility will all help keep you safe. A facility like All Storage is particularly good for this because it's outdoors, there are few shared amenities and you can access your storage at any time that you want.