How to Get the Most Out of Seasonal Storage

All Storage Online | December 28, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Placing items that you are not currently using in a storage unit is a great long-term solution to keep your belongings protected and secure. However, storage units don’t have to be limited to long-term storage. They also can help in the short-term!

As the seasons change, so do your needs around the house. Renting a seasonal storage unit can help you declutter as well as maximize the space in your home by removing items you may not need in the current season.

Check out these three seasonal storage tips that can help you get organized:

Seasonal Storage Can Help to Make Room for Guests

The winter holiday season is a wonderful time to celebrate cherished traditions with friends and family. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also a hectic time because of all the holiday parties, not to mention the shopping and cooking.

Using seasonal storage can help you declutter your home, allowing you to store excess items to make more room for guests. Clearing out a spare bedroom can allow you to have your guests stay within your home, instead of at a nearby hotel. A little extra space can go a long way during the holidays.

Switch Out Seasonal Clothes and Gear

Different seasons call for different wardrobes. Rather than cramming all of your clothes into your closet, consider renting a seasonal storage unit to store the clothes you aren’t using this season. This can help your closet become more organized and less cluttered.

This same logic can be used for other items, such as sporting equipment or even outdoor furniture. Moving items like these into a seasonal storage unit will not only help to keep the equipment you aren’t using out of the way, but will also keep all of your belongings in one place so they are easier to find.

Store Your Holiday Decorations

If you decorate your home for the holidays, you probably understand that decorations can take up a lot of room. Consider renting a seasonal storage unit to clear space in your home. By organizing your decorations into bins and boxes, you can make cycling through decorations a breeze.

If you don’t have any boxes or labels, our All Storage facility offers all the moving supplies you might need in order to get organized. To learn more about methods and strategies to organize your home, check out our Storage Tips page today!