How Self-Storage Can Streamline Charity Efforts

All Storage Online | March 2, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Running a successful charity effort is time-consuming and often difficult to plan properly. Many new charity organizers become overwhelmed when they realize how much effort and space running one of these operations takes. There are many tips to help streamline your new charity, but working with a local self-storage facility is one of the best. Below are three reasons that a self-storage space can enhance your charity's efficiency in a big way. 

Sharing Storage with Multiple Organizers

One challenge that many newer charities face is creating a space that everyone involved can access. This is important when splitting up tasks between multiple people, especially when handling physical goods. Storage units can help solve that problem by providing your organization with a shared space key members can all access for holding items, sorting them, giving them out or even re-selling them depending on your goals. Running a self-storage charity operation gives you more options than trying to use a facility such as a member's garage for storage and it offers more security as well. 

Keep Items in a Convenient Location

Another reason to consider using storage units for your charity is so that you can have space in a convenient location for your operation. Working with a company like All Storage self-storage ensures that you have space to keep your charity items in city centers and other convenient areas. Choosing the right storage location can help give everyone in your group a central location to visit and make operations more convenient to run. 

Grow Your Storage Space with Your Operation

Charities often grow faster and larger than their founders ever expect them to. If your charity explodes it's important that you have the space you need to store your equipment, your donations or whatever it is that you need to hold onto. With a large self-storage facility, you can get space up to 10' x 30' per room and you can get several rooms this size if you need it. That's a huge amount of storage space to work with. At All Storage, you can access space this large, but you can start with a 5' x 5' unit and grow as your needs increase. Self-storage scales well with organization growth, which is yet another reason that it's helpful for a growing charity organization.