Self-Storage Tips: Preparing for Summer

All Storage Online | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Summer is one of the busiest travel times of the year. College students are coming home, families are going on vacation and businesses are preparing for the next round of holidays. And just about everyone is ready to pack winter away for good and finally enjoy some sunshine. That’s where we come in. 


Here at All Storage, we know that your summer storage needs and challenges will be different from the guy in the storage unit next to you. That’s why we want to share our top three storage tips for our three most common types of customers: business owners, seasonal storers and temporary relocators. 


Here are a few pro tips from our storage experts!


Business Owners


  1. Assess what type of materials you are storing. 

Whether you’re storing extra winter inventory or packing away the Christmas decorations and window displays, you’ll want to make sure you are protecting your business investments. If you’re storing materials that are sensitive to moisture, you may want to consider a climate-controlled unit.

  1. Calculate how much storage you will need. Storage units come in a variety of sizes, but don’t just look at the length and width. You’ll also want to consider how much height you have to work with. Our storage units in Arlington, TX, for example, have higher ceilings than the average storage unit so you have plenty of vertical space to work with.

  2. Create an inventory list. This is especially helpful if you need more than one storage unit. Make yourself a map to your own self-storage so you know where to go to find something if you need it. 


Seasonal Storers


  1. Inspect your storage containers for cracks and weaknesses. The number 1 rule for long-term storage is you have to have sturdy containers, preferably with an airtight seal. Make sure that all of the containers you used last season are still in good shape before packing all of your winter clothes and boots away. The last thing you want to do is open a faulty container next winter and find out that moths ate through your favorite sweaters or moisture caused your jackets to grow mold. Be sure to consider the climate you’re storing in. For example, if you’re using self storage in Arlington, TX, then you’ll want to prepare your belongings for high heat and humidity by getting a climate-controlled storage unit.

  2. Clean everything so it’s ready next winter. The fastest way to ruin your winter gear is to get it dirty and put it in a storage unit for several months. Not only can the dirt and grime harden to a point of not being able to remove it without damaging your skis and snowboards, but it also can introduce bugs and other small unwelcome guests into your unit. Take the time now to properly clean, dry, polish and oil everything now so that it’s ready to go next winter.

  3. Keep your unit organized and leave walkways. You may have a moment when you realize you accidentally packed a favorite pair of hiking boots away with your ski boots. Nothing will be more frustrating than having to unload everything in your storage unit to get to the one box in the back that has all your boots. Not to mention that you might accidentally break something by accidentally stepping on it. Do yourself a favor and organize your winter belongings. Leave walkways between boxes so you can easily access everything in your unit. Shelves are a great way to utilize vertical space and give yourself more room to move around. 


Temporary Relocators


  1. Decide what you really need and get rid of what you don’t. If you’re only storing your stuff for a short while in between moves, now is a perfect time to go through your belongings and purge everything you don’t need. This can also save you money in the long run because you won’t need as big of a storage unit to fit all of your stuff.

  2. Label everything. It won’t take long for you to forget what box has your shoes and which container has your glass dishes. Use labels to help you remember what went where and which boxes are fragile and need to be moved with care. This will also come in handy if you have friends help you move into your new place. With a quick glance, you can easily tell them what room to put each box in and what should be unpacked first.

  3. Put everything into your unit based on importance. Your whole goal when moving into your storage unit should be to make it easy for yourself to move everything out in the future. The things you are least likely to need should be at the very back of your storage unit. This is the stuff that you can live without for a few days and be just fine. The stuff you will need your first night in your new place should be the last thing you put into the unit. Then, when you come back to move, those will be the first boxes grabbed. No more digging around your unit, desperately looking for the box with all of your pants. Instead, it will be the first box you see when you roll up the door. 

Are you looking for self-storage this summer? All Storage is dedicated to giving you a better storage experience at a low price. Contact us today and ask about available units near you!