Self-Storage Tips: Prepping Your AirBnB

All Storage Online | October 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Self-Storage Tips: Prepping Your Airbnb


Renting out your home or vacation property when you’re not using it can be a great way to bring in a little extra income, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before you ever create the listing. Here are a few tips for how to make your Airbnb guest-ready!


Remove Personal and Valuable Items


This first one is pretty obvious but easily forgotten. Make sure you do a thorough sweep of the house to remove any valuables or personal items. Not only is there a risk of them being stolen or possibly damaged by an inconsiderate guest, but they also clutter up the storage areas that your guests need to use for their own belongings during their stay. Remember, your AirBnB should feel homey, but not look like someone else still lives there.  


Choose Your Storage Spaces Wisely


Smaller items can be stashed in a personal safe or an owner’s closet that stays locked when you’re not there. However, depending on how big your AirBnB is there may not be a lot of storage to begin with. Be careful not to take away too much storage from your guests as it could affect their overall experience staying with you. The best option for storing personal items is to put them somewhere that is entirely off the property. This could be in another residence nearby or in a self storage unit. Storage units are a fantastic option because they offer an unlimited amount of space to securely store your items for as long as you need to. Many storage facilities also offer a variety of storage unit sizes so you only pay for the storage space you need. 


Our Garland storage units, for example, range in size from a small 5’x5’ unit perfect for a few boxes to a larger 10’x25’ unit capable of storing furniture, boxes, and anything else you may need to take out of your house. 


Make Space Wherever Possible


More space is always better when it comes to an Airbnb. When you fill a room with furniture or have lots of decorative pieces, it can make it difficult for your guests to navigate the space. Take a walk through the house and make sure there are clear paths to each room and all of the amenities. If you claim to be a handicap accessible AirBnB, then borrow or rent a wheelchair and try to drive it through the house. This will help you notice areas that are narrow or difficult to move through. Be sure you clear off counters and tablespaces whenever possible to give your guests more room to settle in and spread out their own things. Don’t be afraid to move more furniture and decorations into your storage unit for safekeeping. It’s always better to err on the side of too much space than too little. 


Swap Out Seasonal Decor


If you’re planning to decorate your Airbnb for the holiday season, then a decorations storage space is a must-have. You may prefer a climate-controlled storage unit that will protect more fragile decorations from changes in temperature and humidity. While these decorations can add a nice touch, make sure you are timely in swapping out these decorations. Some guests may be annoyed to find winter decorations are still present when it’s starting to heat up outside. 


How All Storage Can Help


If you’re in need of storage in Garland, TX to help you prep your Airbnb for its first guests, then All Storage is the best solution! We strive to make your storage experience better in every way. With 24-hour cameras, climate control solutions, well-lit facilities, and the ability to manage your storage unit entirely online, there’s no doubt that All Storage will give you the easiest storage solutions for miles around. 


Ready to explore what options we have for self storage in Garland, TX? Contact us today!