Self-Storage Tips for Tackling Weekend Home Projects

All Storage Online | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Everyone loves a good DIY project! Well, we all love the end results. The process itself can sometimes be a little frustrating. What starts out as a quick weekend project turns into several weekends, then a month, and before you know it a year has passed and your progress is...well, disappointing, to say the least. 


At All Storage, we know a thing or two about big projects. Especially big projects with lots of pieces moving in, out, and all around the house. As self-storage experts, we’ve picked up a few tricks for how to best manage tough projects like these. 


Here are five home project tips inspired by great storage advice!


Do Projects for a Later Season Now


When it comes to shopping for storage units, the sooner you can get yours before the busy spring and summer season hits, the better. The same goes for weekend home projects. Timing is everything, and the best time to do a DIY project is before your busy season. If you can clear the gutters now so they don’t get clogged in the fall or refinish your kitchen cabinets now while all the kids are out of school and your mornings are slightly calmer, then do it. The slow season is when you’ll have the most flexibility and really be able to take your time and make sure you do the project right. 


Make a Game Plan


In order to tackle your weekend project as efficiently as possible, then you need to do your research and make a game plan. If you knew you were going to need storage near Denton, TX, then you would look at all Denton storage units to compare prices, distance, amenities and any other relevant factors to make sure you were getting the best deal on storage units in Denton, TX. You wouldn’t just go pick one at random and hope it all works out, so you shouldn’t do that with your weekend home project either. 


Take time to plan. Set a deadline for yourself so you have a goal to work toward. Organize your project into small phases with deadlines for when each phase has to be completed so you can track your progress. This way, you’ll have a timeline to follow and can make sure your project actually gets done in the time that you want it to. 


Give Yourself Plenty of Space to Work


If you want your storage unit to stay organized, then you have to give yourself enough space to move around. You want to be able to access all of your belongings at all times. When you can easily get to all of your boxes, moving things in and out is a breeze. 


Walkways are the key to storage unit organization and also the secret to a clean workspace. If you’re constantly tripping or climbing over things, twisting weird angles to avoid possible paint drips and having to stop and move things every 5 minutes, then you’ll never get your project done! Give yourself plenty of room to work by moving as much as you can out of the room you’re working in. We recommend finding a small storage unit to hold all of your items until you’ve finished your renovation project. That way you aren’t cluttering up another room in your house. 


Clean As You Go


Regularly cleaning your self-storage unit is a necessity. Frequent cleaning helps keep bugs and other pests away and also helps further protect your belongings by removing dust and dirt that could gather in boxes. If you want to protect all of the progress you’re making on your weekend home project, then you should clean up along the way. Don’t wait for someone to accidentally knock over a broom and smudge your paint job. Put away the things you aren’t using so they don’t cause problems later. 


Store Materials & Tools Until You Need Them


Any self-storage expert knows that if you’re not using it, then you should put it into storage so it’s out of the way. Storage units are great because all of your belongings are still accessible if you need them. The best rule of thumb when doing a big weekend project is to only buy materials as you need them. If you don’t need paint and primer until phase 3, then don’t clutter your workspace with all of the cans and paintbrushes while you’re still sanding your cabinets in phase 2. If you do want to buy everything at once, then store all the materials and tools you are not using in a place that is not your workspace. Stay clean, stay organized and only bring things out of storage when you need them. 

With these 5 storage tips at your side, you’re ready to tackle any weekend home project you choose. And remember, if you need a secure place to store your stuff while you work on your latest home project, All Storage has got you covered. Give us a call and let our friendly staff help you find a storage unit that best fits your budget and your needs.