Seven Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas Fort Worth for Work

All Storage Online | February 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Over 300 people move to the Dallas Fort Worth area every single day—including 17.9 million young professionals alone in the past year. If you’re moving to the Metroplex for work and can count yourself among the growing number of new residents, you probably have a lot of questions about your new hometown. Whether you’re curious about the cost of living, the office dress code, the commute or what there is to do on the weekend, we’ve got your most pressing concerns covered.

Here are seven things that you should know before moving to Dallas Fort Worth for work:

Prepare for Traffic on Your Commute

If you’re used to an easy commute to the office in your current hometown, be sure to factor in extra travel time in the Dallas Fort Worth area. In 2018, Dallas Fort Worth received the dubious honor of having the 10th most congested roads in the United States and the 28th worst congestion in the world. Drivers in Dallas Fort Worth spend almost 60 hours a year sitting in traffic. Maybe consider asking your boss if you can work from home?

Dallas Fort Worth is Huge

Even if you’re relocating from another city, you may find yourself marvelling at just how massive the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is. The area is bigger than Connecticut and Rhode Island put together. Because of the sheer size of Dallas Fort Worth, it’s important to choose wisely when deciding where exactly you want to live. Dallas itself is an easy choice for those who like sleek skyscrapers and a metropolitan feel, while Fort Worth has cowboy vibes for those who like city amenities and country living. And don’t knock the suburbs. Mesquite, Frisco, Keller, Plano and Carrollton are just a few of your options if you prefer a quieter feel and a family-friendly environment.

A Cowboy Hat Might Not Be Office Appropriate (But You Should Still Buy One)

To outsiders, Dallas Fort Worth is synonymous with cowboys. To locals, well, it’s just like any other urban area. While you might not be able to rock a cowboy hat around the office, you should still take advantage of the area’s rodeo spirit on your days off. See a cattle drive twice a day in historic Fort Worth or catch the rodeo in Mesquite. And be sure to practice your two-stepping at the world’s largest honky tonk.

Skip the Wool Blazer

You haven’t experienced humidity until you’ve lived in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. The area is known for sizzling summers where the air is thick as Tex-Mex queso. If you’re relocating from a cooler climate—or even somewhere with dry heat—reassess your business attire so you’re not sweating at the office.

Business Travelers Take Note

Do you have a job that requires you to travel often? You’re going to want to get to know the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. At 26.9 square miles, the international travel hub is so big it outpaces Manhattan in size. The airport is served by 27 airlines and goes to 244 destinations. Even if you travel often for work, don’t be surprised if it takes you awhile to figure out the airport—it has 165 gates, so finding yours might take longer than you expect.

Expect Compensation for Relocation

Moving for a job is both exciting and daunting—but it doesn’t have to be financially challenging. If you’re relocating to the Dallas Fort Worth area for work, be sure that you’re compensated accordingly. The median home cost in Dallas Fort Worth is $226,600 and average rent on a one-bedroom apartment is $960. If that’s a big change for you, your salary should account for it. Be sure to also ask about compensation for relocation, and save any receipts associated with moving to Dallas Fort Worth so you can deduct them from your taxes.

Get a Storage Unit

According to the 2019 Self Storage Almanac, one in three self storage customers cited moving as their reason for renting a storage unit. With the high volume of individuals moving to Dallas Fort Worth, demand for self storage has never been higher. Fortunately, All Storage offers storage facilities all over the Metroplex, so whether you’re in Arlington, White Settlement, Fort Worth or somewhere else, there’s a facility near you. Storage unit leases are month-to-month and prices are very affordable, so renting a storage unit to help with a move is a no-brainer. You can even rent online and get a storage unit right away.