Seven Things to Know Before Moving to Watauga, TX

All Storage Online | June 26, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

In the sprawling Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, it can be easy to overlook some of the area’s smaller communities—but if you’re considering a move to the region, you definitely don’t want to overlook Watauga. Located 10 miles from Fort Worth (about a 15-minute drive, depending on traffic), Watauga is situated on just 4.2 square miles of land and is home to a steadily growing population of 24,602 residents. It’s a great place to call home if you want easy access to Dallas, Fort Worth as well as the city of Keller. Here, you’ll find an intimate community, a reasonable cost of living and so much more. Let’s dive into what you can expect if you move to Watauga.


Watauga is Great for Home Owners


The cost of living in Watauga is slightly higher than the Texas average, but it’s still an affordable community to call home. First time home buyers love the selection of homes in this community as well as the reasonable prices and market value. If you’re more interested in buying a home than you are in renting an apartment, this is the place to be. The median home cost is $189,500 here. A one-bedroom apartment typically rents for about $1170. 


There’s No Public Transportation


Planning on taking the bus to work? You might want to reconsider living in Watauga. The city does not have public transportation. If you own a vehicle, on the other hand, you’ll find commuting to and from Watauga to be very easy. The city is located right along Highway 377, providing easy access to Fort Worth and other nearby destinations. 


It’s a Bit of a Bedroom Community


Speaking of commuting, it’s also worth mentioning the employment situation in Watauga. Due to the small nature of the city, job opportunities are not plentiful, which means you will definitely want to expand your job search to include places like Keller, Bedford and Hurst. Major employers here include Target and Texas chain restaurant Cotton Patch Cafe. Lack of jobs in Watauga doesn’t mean that the area has a high unemployment rate (it’s actually on par with the national average), just that it’s a small city that is largely populated by home owners who commute elsewhere for work. 


You Don’t Have to Go Far to Hike, Bike and Swim


Capp Smith Park is the crown jewel of Watauga. This expansive, sun-drenched community space features a lake with catch-and-release fishing, a 1.3 mile loop trail, a playground, amphitheatre and ample green space for that perfect Sunday picnic. Outdoor lovers in Watauga will also love the city’s close proximity to Grapevine Lake. Located about 29 miles from Watauga, this popular warm-weather destination offers 8,000 acres of aquatic wilderness where you can camp, hike, boat, fish and swim. There’s even a floating water park—the largest one in Texas at 25,000 square feet—called Altitude H20. On a hot summer day, you can swim out to it and jump on water trampolines, climb ropes, slide on slides and hit up an obstacle course. Nearby RV parks allows you to make a weekend out of it and park your rig right along the shoreline.


Hot Summers, Cool Winters


If you love hot summers that inspire trips to the lake and cool winters that give you a reason to bust out your favorite sweater, you’ll love the weather in Watauga. Like the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth area, it’s all about humidity here. Expect temperatures in the high 80’s and low 90’s June through September, followed by cooler days with weather in the high 50’s and mid 60’s November through February.


Bibliophiles Rejoice


Did you know that Watauga has one of the best libraries in Texas? It’s true. The Watauga Library is consistently ranked among the top 10 percent of libraries in the state. This branch also wins the Achievement of Excellence in Libraries Award on a regular basis (seven years in a row and counting!). Stop by and peruse over 108,000 items including 140 magazines and newspapers. There are also six study rooms, a meeting room, a mural by children’s book illustrator Liz Bonham, free classes that teach you ESL, GED prep and computer literacy plus book clubs, chess clubs and knitting groups.