Six Holiday Storage Tips

All Storage Online | November 20, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Santa has his elves; you have your storage unit as the ultimate holiday helper. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years may be a chance to reconnect with family, exchange gifts and eat your bodyweight in mashed potatoes, but the holidays can also be chaotic. If you rent a storage unit, you can ease that stress and get back to basting the turkey, hitting up Black Friday sales and decking the halls. 

Here are six storage tips to consider this holiday season:


  1. Get Climate Control

Trust us, you need a climate controlled storage unit this holiday season—yes, even if you live in Dallas Fort Worth. Cold weather, ice, precipitation and even arid conditions can cause damage to your belongings. If you’re storing electronics, antiques, leather, bicycles, photos, artwork or anything else that is sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, rent a storage unit with climate control. Most All Storage facilities even offer climate controlled indoor storage that you can drive your vehicle into and unload your items in a fully-enclosed building. On a cold winter day, this feature is life changing.


  1. Store Christmas Presents in Your Storage Unit

Okay, so you completed your Christmas shopping list on Black Friday—maybe you even knocked it out before then. Now you have to deal with closets full of presents until the time comes to wrap them. You also have to deal with certain curious children in your house who will definitely be trying to get a sneak preview of what they can expect on December 25th. The solution to both of these problems is self storage. 


  1. Use Self Storage to Make Room for Holiday Guests

Now let’s talk about something else that will be taking up space in your home this holiday season: guests. Whether you’re hosting your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years guests for a day or a week, storing clutter from your house in a storage unit will help make space for them. You can use your storage unit to create closet space for all of those jackets on Christmas Day as well as dresser drawer space for overnight visitors.


  1. Check Holiday Hours at Your Storage Facility

If you need to retrieve presents from your storage unit, grab an ugly Christmas sweater for a theme party or unload some clutter to make space for last minute guests, be sure that you double-check your storage facility’s holiday hours. Office hours and access hours may differ, so take note of both when approaching the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.


  1. Swap Out Your Summer Wardrobe for Your Winter One

This holiday season, stop by your storage unit with the warm weather items you’re not using and exchange them for those jackets, hats and other long layers. Drop off other seasonal items, such as pool toys and camping gear and dig out your skis, sleds and ice skates.


  1. Donate Clutter and Unwanted Gifts Instead of Storing Them

When visiting your storage unit this holiday season, you may encounter some stuff in there that you haven’t used in a really, really long time. Ask yourself, are these items just taking up space? The same goes for unwanted holiday gifts that end up relegated to the back of your storage unit after Christmas. Use both of these situations as an opportunity to give back this holiday season. In early December, clean out your storage unit and donate gift items that are in good condition to charities collecting goods for the less fortunate. This might include gently used toys, clothing, books and home decor. After Christmas is over, donate any unwanted gifts you’ve received to year-round charities, or save them for next year and donate them to a nonprofit collecting gifts for the holidays.


P.S. After the holidays are over, don’t forget that your storage unit is a great place for keeping holiday decorations safe until next year