Six Things Every College Student Should Know About Self Storage

All Storage Online | February 6, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Here’s a pop quiz. Do you know where you’re storing your stuff this summer? When the semester ends and it’s time to move out of your dorm and leave campus for a few months, you don’t want to be left wondering where you’re going to store your books, mini-fridge, microwave and—perhaps most importantly—your beer pong table. A storage unit is a cheap, convenient solution that you pay for month-to-month.


Luckily, using self storage isn’t rocket science; it’s even easier than that Intro to Music Appreciation class you took freshmen year. Master these six things and you’ll ace Self Storage 101.


Reserve Early


Demand for self storage in a college town spikes when school lets out for the summer. Don’t miss out on getting the unit you want at the All Storage facility that’s closest to you. Reserve your storage unit online early. It only takes five minutes.


Know What Size Unit You Need


The average dorm room is just 130-square feet, so if you’re storing items from your dorm room, the 25-square feet of a 5x5 storage unit should be fine (it’s like having a big closet). Consider a larger unit, such as a 7x7 or 10x10 if you’re storing larger items, such as furniture, from an on-campus apartment. Still stumped? Check out our size guide.


Go in With a Friend


Save money on self storage by making your college roommate your self storage roommate. It’s easy to find a smaller unit, such as a 5x5 unit, at an All Storage facility for under $50, but you can cut that cost in half by sharing a storage unit with a friend. Just make sure that that friend is someone you can count on to pay their share of the rent (a polite, yet persistent Venmo request goes a long way).


Get Climate Control


If you’re storing musical instruments, wooden or leather furniture, artwork, a bicycle, photographs or any other item that’s sensitive to temperature and humidity, get a storage unit with climate control. Many All Storage facilities offer EZ Drive-Thru, which allows you to drive directly into a fully-enclosed, climate-controlled facility.


Pay Online


Whether you’re going to be jet-setting this summer or crashing with mom and dad, you can benefit from online bill pay. This allows you to pay for your storage unit from anywhere in the world. Who has checks nowadays, anyway?


Clean Your Items


Before you store it, clean it. Defrost that mini-fridge, wipe out the inside of that microwave and wash your clothing before heading to the storage facility. Food debris can attract pests in self storage and dirt can cause damage to clothing over time. After a long, relaxing summer break, you want the items in your storage unit to be in the same condition they were in when you stored them in the spring.


If you’re a college student with questions about self storage, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to make sure that your self storage experience is easy, affordable and awesome.