Six Things to Know Before Moving to McKinney, TX

All Storage Online | June 7, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

McKinney, Texas is the place to be right now. If that’s news to you, you can rest assured that it’ll be common knowledge soon enough. The town of 172,318 is the third fasting growing city in the country and was recently ranked as the best place to live in the US by Money Magazine. Boasting easy access to major highways that connect McKinney to the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, McKinney offers excellent quality of life, a diverse array of housing options and a historic downtown area.

McKinney may be 32 miles north of Dallas and 59 miles from Fort Worth, but as the Dallas Fort Worth area continues to grow, this gem of a community is becoming more and more attractive. And hey, if McKinney is good enough for the guy who voiced Wishbone from the titular 90’s PBS show (his name is Larry Brantley, and he’s a proud McKinney resident), it’s good enough for you. If you’re thinking of moving to McKinney, here are five things you should know.

You Can Stroll One of the Oldest Historic Districts in Texas

Downtown McKinney was established in 1848, making it one of the oldest historic districts in the state. This charming area offers more than 120 shops, dozens of restaurants plus art galleries and community events. You can browse antiques, grab a gourmet popsicle and literally walk through history.

It’s Always Sunny in McKinney

Okay, it’s not always sunny, but there are an impressive 229 days of sunshine in McKinney. Year round temperatures tend to be pretty livable, with summer days reaching the low 90’s and winters only dipping into the low 50’s. You can expect that infamous Texas humidity, which does tend to make things feel a little bit toasty, but that’s nothing that a trip to one of McKinney’s many swimming areas can’t fix.

You Can Get Into Nature

Speaking of swimming, there are a number of aquatic centers in McKinney where you can cool off when it gets hot. If you’d rather spend time on the water than in the water, you can take a trip to the Towne Lake Recreation Area. This 108-acre park is centered around a lake where you can rent a giant swan paddle boat and take to the water. You can also picnic, fish, disk golf or play volleyball. Another great option if you like to spend time outside is the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary. This nature preserve features trails where you can get some exercise and observe wildlife. There are also great exhibits where you can learn about the flora and fauna that define the area.

McKinney is the Master of Master-Planned Neighborhoods

Not sure which neighborhood in McKinney is best for you? When moving to McKinney, you’ll likely be choosing between one of many master-planned neighborhoods. There’s the popular Craig Ranch community, which offers 400 acres of green space including a golf course. There’s Provence, a well-manicured neighborhood with a French architectural influence. And there’s Stonebridge Ranch, which features its own swimming area, plus a tennis club and neighborhood hiking trails.

Low Unemployment and Great Job Prospects

McKinney appeals to many people in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex who are looking to commute via Highway 121, but it’s also a great place to live for those who work more locally. The unemployment rate in McKinney is below the national average and the median household income is $83,257, which is above the Texas average and the national average. These impressive figures are largely the result of excellent job prospects in McKinney. Residents can find jobs with Raytheon, a US defense contractor which employs over 3,000 people in the area, or pursue careers in healthcare, insurance and finance.

Wine and Beer

Of course, McKinney isn’t all work and no play. The community has a large number of wineries and breweries, making it a pretty ideal place to be when happy hour rolls around. Whether you prefer pinot grigio and merlot or IPAs and porters, you’re sure to find a favorite spot to knock back a pint or glass in McKinney. For wineries, check out Mitas Hill. The local winery produces 15,000 gallons of vino a year and offers an on-site wine bar that also serves pizza. Another great choice is Landon Winery, a family-owned vineyard which offers tastings and live music. For breweries, check out Franconia Brewing Company, a Bavarian-style brewery with Texas charm. Or hit up the centrally located TUPPS Brewery which offers tours, a beer garden and an on-site food truck. Cheers to living in McKinney!