Spring Cleaning Self Storage Tips

All Storage Online | April 10, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Spring Cleaning Self Storage Tips

Spring doesn’t just mean warmer weather and blooming flowers; it means cleaning. Why is that every spring, we feel the need to organize, declutter, sweep, mop and disinfect? Some historians believe that the tradition of spring cleaning has religious origins rooted in the Jewish practice of cleaning the home before Passover.  

Whatever the history behind spring cleaning may be, if you’re feeling the need to take part in the tradition yourself, consider including your storage unit in the fun (okay, fun may be an overstatement). Here are several ways to spring clean your storage unit:



Good news—there’s not too much actual cleaning involved in spring cleaning your storage unit. You won’t need to sweep out your storage unit until you move out and empty out your belongings.  

All you need to plan on for this step is some light dusting (necessary if you’ve been renting for a long time and don’t visit your unit often), wiping a few things down and replacing any boxes that are damaged. If you hastily moved into your storage unit with trash bags, trade them for actual boxes. If you spy a tote with a lid that got broken in transit, purchase a new one. Ask your All Storage staff about on-site retail offerings.



Okay, here’s where the heavy lifting—not literally—goes down. Spring is a great time to reorganize your storage unit. If your storage unit is a total mess with no organization system, don’t be afraid to remove everything and repack it.

Start by repacking items so that everything is stored in similar sized boxes. Now is also a good time to take photos of items for insurance purposes if you didn’t do that when you moved in. Clearly label each box so you know exactly what’s inside. You might also consider creating an inventory of what’s in each box. For example, you might label one box “Christmas Decorations.” On your inventory, next to the title of the box, list what’s inside. As you repack your storage unit, create an aisle so that you’re easily able to access your items in the future. Be sure to place the items you’ll need next towards the front. Since it’s spring, this may mean summertime items like pool toys and camping gear that you’re not quite ready to take out of storage yet.



When spring cleaning your storage unit, you may find that things feel just a little too cluttered. This is a sign that it’s time for a larger storage unit.  

Another way to upgrade your storage unit is to purchase shelving. This is an especially great solution for small business owners who use self storage to keep inventory handy. Another upgrade to consider is a pallet. Self storage operators often recommend this to tenants. Placing a pallet on the floor of the unit keeps items off of the ground. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to prevent water damage from a flood or a neighboring unit with a fridge that wasn’t defrosted all the way.



Decluttering is an essential part of spring cleaning your home, and that’s true for your storage unit too. While cleaning and organizing your storage unit, identify items that you want to get rid of. Have you been hanging onto that gross futon from your college years so long that you could bring it to your 10 year reunion? Did you save baby clothes and then decide not to have another child? Are you ready to admit that those corduroy pants are probably never going to be back in style? 

Fortunately, there are a ton of charities in the Dallas Fort Worth area that accept donations. Consider the usual suspects like Salvation Army, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity, but don’t forget about local nonprofits. Arlington Urban Ministries accepts clothing, household items, small appliances and furniture every Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Brighter Tomorrows accepts clothing, appliances, televisions and offers pickup in Grand Prairie, Irving, Duncanville, DeSoto and Lancaster. You can call 972-254-4003 to arrange this. Center for Transforming Lives  accepts housewares, appliances, furniture, electronics, holiday items, refrigerators, newspapers, books, clothing and more. You can call 817-615-0649 for free pick up. The Arc of Texas accepts household items and vehicles. Look for their drop-off boxes throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex—but obviously don’t try to put your vehicle in one.


Self Storage and Spring Cleaning 

Remember, renting a storage unit can make a big difference when tackling home spring cleaning as well. You can use a storage unit to store items that you plan to donate, sell, or give away. You can store items that you’ll need at a later time but don’t need all the time. There are a number of ways that even the smallest storage unit can make this year’s spring cleaning a success. Who knows, it might just be so successful that your home and your storage unit will stay clean and organized year-round.